Sunday , April 11 2021

Kanye West earned two more books about Pleichnik and an invitation for Ljubljana

After the notorious rapper twirled the cover of the book of Jože Plečnik on Wednesday, and thus caused the attention of Slovenia as a whole, he was invited to visit Plečnik's house.

Kanye West


Kanye West tweeted about Jože Plečnik, but no one knows why

"Dear Sir Kanye West, we're glad you discovered our great architect Jože Plečnik, "they were on Facebook from the Plečnik House, a former architectural home on Karunova Street in Ljubljana, and told Raper that they had prepared a package of" Two Fresh New Books about Plečnik's Extraordinary Works "written by Noah Charney and Andrej Hrausky.

"We add a gift coupon for you and your family so you can enjoy the unique Plecky's home for free. We hope you enjoy the gift," they added and informed West that he would send a package of books and grants through his manager Scooter Braun.

What will West see in Plečnik's house if he visits? view:


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