Thursday , September 19 2019
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Killing in Ljubljana –



In Ljubljana, the dispute between two men ended in a violent conflict in which an unknown man with a sharp object seriously damaged the 33-year-old, and the 28-year-old trying to calm him was easier. The attacker left the place.

On Saturdays, around 8 am, the Ljubljana police officers were notified of the event at Prušnikova Street in Ljubljana, where two people were injured.

They found that there was a dispute between the two men who had four people in the company. During the dispute, an unknown male with a sharp object is suffering from a 33-year-old victim, while the 28-year-old man who tried to calm him was also more easily injured. An unknown man left the place. 33-year-old saviors were taken to UKC Ljubljana. According to the police, he has suffered serious injuries, but his life is not endangered.

Crime investigation is still ongoing.

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