Monday , May 17 2021

Meghan and Harry got a new nickname – the Sussex brand

Just a little, and the royal husband, Prince Harry and Meghan, will become a newborn parent. Bookmakers are busy betting, what kind of sex will be the baby and who will give it a name. Due to the amount of bets, future parents are obviously more popular than Prince William and Kate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are very well "sold".PHOTO: Profimedia

The British royal family and many lovers of the British monarchy already count the days when the newest member of the court will be born, Meghan Markle, She has been present since the commencement of her relationship with the prince pillage, lots of pumps. From the fact that there is no royal blood, no problem in her family, anything that a young woman does not grow up in court.

Despite the difficulties, the public has accepted it. This was also demonstrated when they opened their Instagram with the Prince and entered the Guinness Book of Records in less than six hours after the first release. Meanwhile, they gained a million followers, which undermined the record of Korean musicians Kanga Daniela.

The recordings are also on betting shops. Because people make massive payments in which they assume the sex of a child and how his name will be. As for the amount paid, Williams and Kate also surpassed, none of their children received such euphoria at betting shops. At that time, the betting would go around three million euros, and the British media now say that bets will cost nine million euros. Many media have already been labeled as & quot; Sussex & quot; because, as it seems, their name is well sold, but with some interesting moves, they finally renewed the love of the royal family.

So, what settings do fans have on the name? Many want the prince to name his daughter to the dead mother Diani Frances Spencer, second place, agreed Alice, in front of Victoria and Alexandre. It has been recently noted that the name of Elizabeth, the name of the British Queen, is also extremely high. The boys are most often referred to as Arthur, Edward, and James.

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