Thursday , May 6 2021

Meghan entered: after the accident he discovered when he had a deadline!

Although pregnancy from the British royal court always caught up to the last sail in the mistletoe, Meghan Markle had said too many times during conversations with royal family fans. He went to her to find out when she was expecting her firstborn baby.

Prince Harry he is with his wifeMeghan Markle in October last year, they landed on their first overseas tour of Australia when Buckingham Palace reported that Meghan and Harry rock in 2019. Only spring is mentioned, but since then it is no longer known.

Meghan does not want to be born in the same hospital as Kate and Diana

Meghan Markle quickly said too much during public greetings.PHOTO: Profimedia

Meghan Markle, who in the past said he would continue to fulfill his royal duties despite pregnancy, joined last weekend with some other members of the royal family and attended a ceremony dedicated to the poet Wilfred Owen, Meghan during the greetings of the royal family occasionally paused and talked to them, and many congratulated her on her pregnancy. Suddenly, Meghan stood up and told her that she was in the sixth month, meaning she was expecting her baby in April.

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Meghan and Harry expect the first child in April.PHOTO: Profimedia

Meghan also discovered that neither Harry nor Harry know the sex of the child because they want to be a surprise.

The parent also does not know the gender of the child.PHOTO: Profimedia

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