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New Zealand Huawei also banned the construction of a 5G network

Published: 28.11.2018 11:00 | Topics: huawei

The New Zealand Communications Security Office (GCSB) has told Spark Mobile Operator that Huawei's Chinese equipment should not be used to build a 5G network.

In the explanation, they said that, in their view, the use of the equipment of that manufacturer meant excessive security risk for the country.

Spark expressed disappointment, and at the same time stressed that it would not change its plans to establish the 5G network by July 1, 2020.

Huawei and Spark set up a test network of 5G a few weeks ago in Auckland, pointing to the possibility of sharing cores and peripherals. A rigid net was set up with Cisco's equipment and worked with Huawei, and the test would show that it is possible to isolate the net parts safely.

Huawei is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile communication equipment, but recently faced with more and more such bans, which are obviously the source of security. Huawei's 5G technology is so "banned" in the United States, Australia, and now in New Zealand, it may soon be in Canada. Pressure is still opposed by Papua New Guinea, which will enable Huawei to complete its national submarine optical network, although neighboring major Australia is firmly opposed. Solomon Islands, for example, prefer underwater cabling in Australia.

The construction of the Papua New Guinea optical network will continue to be completed by Huawei.

About 5G was written in the current monitor that came out yesterday.


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