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Not Roggli and Mohoric but Pogačar, the national champion is Novel Novak!

Biker Domen Novak is a surprising new Slovenian driver in the road race. At the Radovljica State Championship, Bahrain-Merida had 149.8 kilometers more power than Adria Mobility rider Gašper Katrašnik and Mark Kumpa.

Three men, who have been running since the start of the race, are constantly trying to get closer to many favorite bicycles, among them Primož Rogličlast year's champion Matej Mohorić. Tadej Pogačar and others. But Novak, Kataršnik and Kump managed to win two kilometers and two rounds before the end, it was clear that it would be difficult to win. Roglich and Mohoric came to them after the goal.

The last slope was rising

Novak attacked the last race of the race and came to the goal with a good lead. "Last year I missed a win, this year my luck turned to my side", were the first words of the new champion who left the Mohoriç winner last year and finished second.

The driver of Bahrain-Merida attacked the last slope.

The driver of Bahrain-Merida attacked the last slope.
Photo: Vid Ponikvar

"From the start we made the race: first we had seven, and then every lap was smaller.In the end, we stayed three, we were constantly all the time .. Last round I squeezed out of my mind and almost .. I saw I was the strongest, Katraznik and Kump dictated the rhythm, I went to the last slalom, as far as I could, "Dolenjec described the race course, which started its first professional win.

The national championship is a special race

DP has once again confirmed that this is a special race, Novak admitted: "DP is a special race, everyone can win, I started bad, I fell, I did not run for three months after the injury, I think I was not so good at this time . "

Pogačar finally won the T-shirt of the Slovenian champion in the competition of younger members. This year he was already the best in GP racing for a while, then he won everything in absolute competition.

In the female competition Bujakov and Pintar

Among the women, a colleague of the club moved to BTC City Ljubljana Eugenia Bujak and Urška PintarPoljak with a Slovenian passport eventually had more power and would wear the first Slovenian shirt for the first time. Prior to that he was the best in the road race of Polone Batagelj for nine years, which withdrew after last year's season.

Among the younger members she celebrated Lara Maretič from KK Kranj.

National champions in road cycling:

2019: Domen Novak (Bahrain-Merida)

2018: Matej Mohoric (Bahrain-Merida)

2017: Luka Mezgec (Orica-Scott)

2016: Jan Tratnik (Amplatz-BMC)

2015: Luka Pibernik (Lampre-Merida)

2014: Matej Mugerli (Adria Mobile)

2013: Luka Pibernik (Radenska)

2012: Borut Božić (Astana)

2011: Grega Bole (Lampre)

2010: Gorazd Štangelj (Astana)

2009: Mitja Mahoric (KD Radenska Financial Point)

2008: Borut Christmas (Collstrop)

2007: Tadej Valjavec (Lampre)

2006: Jure Golcher (Perutnina Ptuj)

2005: Mitja Mahoric (Perutnina Ptuj)

2004: Uros Murn (Phonak)

2003: Tadej Valjavec (Fassa Bortolo)

2002: Boris Premužič (Perutnina Ptuj Krka Telekom)

2001: Martin Derganc (Krka)

2000: Andrej Hauptman (Wines Caldirola)

1999: Tadej Križnar (Sava)

1998: Igor Kranjec (Perutnina Radenska Rog)

1997: Sašo Sviben (Radenska Rog)

1996: Bogdan Ravbar (Krka)

1995: Gorazd Štangelj (Krka)

1994: Martin Hvestaja (Rog)

1993: Marko Velkovrh (Rog)

1992: Valter Bonca (Astra)

1991: Sandi Schmerz (Astra)

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