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NSi: Referendum on migration would be just a very expensive public opinion poll

At a regular session, MPs discussed a proposal to call a referendum on migration filed by opposition SDS and SNS. Opposition and coalition, on the contrary, are expected in quite the opposite positions.

It is a referendum on the United Nations Global Migration Agreement, which joined the countries, including Slovenia, last December in Marrakesh. The referendum question, as suggested by SDS and SNS, would be: "Are you in the fact that Slovenia joins the Global Agreement on Safe, Regulated and Legal Migration, which equates legal and illegal migration?"

In opposition, the debate specifically stressed that the decision on migration management should be left to people. On the other hand, MEPs believe the referendum is unfounded.

Voting on a proposal to call a referendum will be on Thursday. According to today's standpoints of parliamentary groups, the proposal promises rejection. The proposal was also rejected by the UZP.

Grims: The deal was adopted in an improper manner

According to the SDS deputy, the agreement has been reached Branko Grims adopted in a manner that questions its validity. The confirmation was decided by the previous government Mira Cerar, who was then retired and had the right to decide only on the ongoing jobs they needed, but not about something long-term as migration, SDS claims.

In addition, according to the law on foreign affairs, it is necessary to notify the National Assembly, but that is not, he stressed."If the act is passed in an obviously erroneous, unconventional and unlawful manner, it can not be carried out",He said.

NSi: A referendum would be a set of surveys

This is also emphasized in the presentation of the opposition party NSi from the opposition party Jožef Horvat, who did not support the proposal to call a referendum "the authorities have very clearly said they will not respect the will of the people", NSi explained that a referendum would be supported if the ruling parties advocate respect for the outcome of the referendum, because that did not happen, but they considered it to be just a very polite public opinion poll.

In December last year, the UN Global Compact on migration was confirmed.PHOTO: AP

Against the proposals to call a referendum on migration were expressed in the coalition parties and Levic

The SAB believes that the referendum does not have a legal basis because the National Assembly can only refer the referendum to matters within its jurisdiction, while the migration agreement falls under the responsibility of the government, not the parliament.

DeSUS joins this opinion and adds that the referendum will serve nothing but gathering the political points of the proponent.

Milan Brglez from the SD, the opposition group's opposition has explained, inter alia, that it is unacceptable that the policy for its specific action or inaction in connection with the challenge of migration requires an excuse for the decisions and emotions of people.

The government is also opposed to a referendum, which in December stated that the adoption of international instruments, such as a global agreement, lies with the government, not the parliament. Minister of Foreign Affairs Miro Cerarin the middle of the month, in the parliamentary committee for foreign policy, the discussion of that proposal was considered a deprived purpose.

The Legislative and Legal Service also explained that adoption of the act itself is not within the competence of the National Assembly, but the content of this agreement may be the subject of debate at the National Assembly. In addition, a referendum question in such a form can not be the subject of a referendum call, because it is questionable and unclear.

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