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Officially: Turks from fighting for the construction of the Karavan tunnel

According to unofficial data from RTV Slovenia, the Turkish company Cengiz Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret excluded from the tender procedure for the construction of the second tunnel tunnel of Karavanka. The reason is, among other things, inadequate evidence, and the problem would also be the punishment of one of the company's leaders.

At the end of July, Dars chose the above-mentioned Turkish company for contract contractors for the construction of the second Karavanka tunnel pipe, and its 89.3m-free non-VAT offer was significantly cheaper than the remaining eight. Three unsuccessful contractors – Kologener CPG, construction company Sarajevo Euro-Asphalt and Gorenjska – then filed for revision.

Dars will review the remaining bids

The CGP collector, who together with Rico and Turkish Yapi Merkezi offered construction of the tunnel for 109.4 million euros, filed for revision in mid-August.

Later, a request was made by the Euro-asphalt from Sarajevo, which together with road company Ptuj will build another tunnel tube for 106.3 million euros, and the appeal of the construction company Gorenjska and Czech Metrostation, in joint performance, gave the second most valuable offer worth 104, 4 million euros.

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The Austrians have begun building another tunnel pipeline pipeline




The National Audit Commission deals with complaints for almost 60 days. However, Slovenia's television explained that decisions have not yet been issued. It will only be officially published when all the parties involved are notified of their content. According to television information, the decision will be known next week.

According to unofficial information from TV Slovenia, the reasons for the exclusion were inappropriate documents. Cengiz did not have to provide all the necessary evidence that responsible construction site managers must have. The problem is the punishment of one of the leading companies.

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The other karavan body tunnels will be built by the Turks




If the commission really excludes the Turkish offer, the expert commission of the Republic of Slovenia's Motorway Company (DARS) will have to examine the remaining bids. "The revision request may delay the start of construction for up to several months, for example two or three, but it is important that the contest can not be canceled," Dars said in August.

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