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PHOTO: Severe catastrophe at sea: police are looking for a driver

VRHNIKA – Ljubljani promet Police officers run a traffic accident on the Primorska road near Vrhnika in the direction of Koper, which happened on Thursday about 20.20 because of the sudden braking of an unknown BMW 3rd Series driver, white or gray.

Serious traffic accident on the coast. PHOTO: Moni Chern

After collecting the information, it is well-known that the Peugeot passenger car driver is on the right carriageway from Vrhnika to Logatec. On the left, the traveler of the passenger car renault clio overwhelmed him. During the overtaking, he was driving an unknown BMW BMW 3 Series driver, white or gray, and turned on the long light. The driver crossed the Peugeot driver and drove straight to the right dog in front of him and continued driving.

An unidentified BMW driver then took both vehicles, drifted from the right carriageway in front of the renault clia driver and suddenly finished, which quickly turned straight toward the slowed car and collided with an unknown truck. In this way, she turned her left over the middle band to the pretoria belt. Right at the moment the driver of the VW Golf VW Golf came immediately after the transom and the vehicles collided.

Two bad

An unknown BMW driver and an unknown truck ran ahead.

The renault clia driver and the golf driver are more easily injured in the accident.

In order to clarify the circumstances of the traffic accident, the police are asking the BMW vehicle driver and all those who would have useful accident information as well as an unknown BMW driver of the vehicle, three, white or gray, to report them to Intervention number 113 or Ljubljana traffic police station at 01 583 88 20.

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