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PHOTO: Tourism as the main untapped potential of the municipality

Idrija – Idrija Municipality can not read recognition in the wider Slovenian and European area, mainly thanks to a strong economy, where professionally highly qualified cardinals are kneeling, which, though submerged and thoroughly cut off from the capital, are firmly embedded on the map. Honestly Struggling, Clans and Workers Will Choose a New Mayor or Mayor Sunday After Finishing The Finals Miranda Groff Ferjanic and Tomaž Vencelj.

Both first and second names are not unknown – Groff Ferjančič, a prominent prominent financier, is considered one of the founders of a local dance club, and Vencelj, a member of the Mining Association of Idrija, has been in social and social life for years.

For a municipality that, thanks to industrial giants, has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, there seems to be no major problem. But despite the pre-election confrontations, the spear is mostly bombed by tourism, which has untapped potentials, as highlighted by two candidates, the acquisition of European funds for the implementation of various projects, as well as the issue of Idrija's "Early Crustaceans", unregulated parking in Idrija Health Center, Utah.

Miranda Groff Ferjančič is an experienced financier. PHOTO: Personal Archives

Which three projects are you trying to complete by the end of 2019?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: Among my priorities are the regulation of municipal infrastructure and town core in Črnom Vrh above Idrija, arrangement of the sewage system in Godovič, provision of funds for the construction of kindergarten in Spodnja Idrija and reconstruction of the old medical center in Idrija. The organization of UTE areas is also an important, but longer-term project, as it is necessary to reach an agreement with private owners.

Tomaž Vencelj: By the end of 2019, if elected, I will try to make the following: adopt the Regional Park Management Plan for Gornji Idrijac, establish the Council of Local Community Presidents and begin regulating the Ute area, which will require the agreement on accepting Hidrea and Zidgrada as the owner of the demolition buildings and Utah ).

In your opinion, what is the main problem for Idrija Municipality and how do you intend to deal with it?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: Definitely bad service, which municipality provides to citizens. If I was elected mayor, I will increase the quality of municipal administration services and control the functioning of municipal institutions and make them cheaper. I will also introduce supervision over the operation of utility companies, including Municipalities.

Tomaž Vencelj: It seems to me far the most important development of tourism and service activities.

Miranda Groff Ferjanic

She became an independent candidate with the support of the current mayor of Bojana Severa and the group of voters. He was supported by the Party of Social Democrats and the Party of the Modern Center. During the election campaign, Groff Ferjančičeva emphasized his knowledge and 30 years of experience gained in the economy, banking and state administration. The professional summary is versatile. She was manager of financial operations at Rotomatica, then employed in SKB Bank, and since 2001 she has been employed by the Ministry of Finance. From April 2013 until the appointment of the State Secretary he was employed in the General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia as Deputy Secretary General. She is the mother of two children and a granddaughter. In the first round of elections he received 27.27% of votes.

Where do you see the main untapped potential of the municipality? And how are you going to use it yourself?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: First of all, tourism. We will establish a unique platform for service promotion and the Idrija market as a destination that combines cultural and technical heritage, culinary and recreational opportunities and active leisure time. We have a lot to offer, but we have to properly present these opportunities.

Tomaž VenceljSurely, again, tourism. There is already a new tourism strategy based on the merger of service providers. As for service activities, however, we will have to study the situation, but of course we will include young people in all of them.

Local communities in the municipality have been completely marginal in recent years. Will you change it? What role will your local community have in your mandate, if elected?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: I will give them more weight, and I will establish a regular dialogue with representatives of local communities. I will take their initiatives and suggestions when planning projects in the municipality.

Tomaž Vencelj: I'm listing on a list of local communities. That is why we are committed to return to decision-making and to propose the priorities that we consider necessary in our environment. The desire and vision I expect from the local community council can then provide the community and help in realization.

Tomaž Vencelj works on a list of local communities. PHOTO: Personal Archives

Idrija, like many other municipalities, has problems with emigrating young people. How much will you play when you decide for young people?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: Young people in the municipality must become active participants in municipal politics, and one of the options is through a participative budget, which advocates the introduction of internships. In the same way as in local communities, I will establish a regular dialogue with the youth.

Tomaž Vencelj: I had an idea, but unfortunately I can not do it. To name one of the young people. However, the Local Self-Government Act provides that only one of the municipal councils may be a deputy mayor. I really want to give them the opportunity to participate in development projects and to ensure the inclusion of young people in the co-decision.

Tomaž Vencelj

Candidates on the list of local communities. It has been operating for many years in the social and social life of the municipality, including the former Idrija local community president, an active member of the Mining Association in Idrija, and the initiator of an exceptionally well-received holiday Idrija Žlikrofov. The gymnasium, who was employed at the OMV petrol station and then operated as an independent entrepreneur, was part of the Collective Collector during the past 16 years. The father of two children loves Idrija and wants the community to separate from this "apathy that he found." He loudly emphasizes that – if elected – he will give the word and the possibility of the (also) for the young people. In the first round of voting, he received 45.24 percent of the votes of voters and voters.

What is your biggest drawback to your protagonist?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: Much, a lot of promises, and between the conflicts I noticed that there are no concrete plans for realizing and realizing these promises. I'm afraid he does not know the ways, where and how to make money for what he promises.

Tomaž Vencelj: Mostly disturb me by constantly stressing that if it does not come to the mayor, it will not be professional enough or will not be able to work and get funding from Europe.

What do you respect most about him?

Miranda G. Ferjanic: A nice interlocutor is a good man.

Tomaž Vencelj: I respect her professionalism and I hope that if I am elected a Mayor, I will help her gain funds through her professionalism. It will not give rise to bitterness, or as a true Idrijanac, it will help her if she needs information or help in submitting call requests.

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