Monday , May 17 2021

Piracy of Throne Games: A malicious code is coming

The throne game is not just a pirated series, but is also the most popular among malicious code distributors.

The throne game is not just a pirated series, but is also the most popular among malicious code distributors. (Photo: HBO)

HBO's The Throne Game series is known as the most pirated television series. In 2017, when it was the seventh season, the series recorded more than a billion illegal visits or downloads. According to the MUSO Anti-Piracy Company, the first episode of the last broadcast season reached 90 million illegal downloads or visits within 72 hours. With the last episode, it happened in the same time range as a hundred times a million times. In total, the seventh season recorded 1.03 billion illegal transfers or visits. Of that, 84.66 percent of illegal videos on pirated video streaming sites, 9.12 percent was torrent, 5.59 percent of normal downloads. The anti-piracy company also says that such numbers were not used before the Tron game, but no significant change was noted last year when a new part of the series was unpublished. According to Kaspersky Lab's on-line security company, Throne Game was the most widespread series in 2018.

Kaspersky researchers have been exploring pirated files since 2017 and 2018, and found that even in the area of ​​malicious code gambling, the throne was at its peak in two years. With the malicious code that was hidden in pirated super hit hits, only 20,934 users attacked last year. This represents up to 17 percent of all pirated content. The throne games follow the Living Lives series with 18,794 and Arrow with 12,163 examples of attacking users. In all observed cases, malicious code attackers chose the first and last episode of each season, they explain in Kaspersky. In this connection, the initial episode was most commonly used. For example, in the TV series The Game Throne, this part called Winter comes from the first season.

Be careful with file extensions

"Extensors of malicious software exploit video content that has a huge demand on pirated websites, which are usually actively advertised as drama or series of action.The first and last episodes encompass most viewers and therefore also represent the highest risk of malicious intent. people, and therefore promises to transfer fresh material, which is actually a threat to the Internet. As the new Game of Thrones season comes this month, we want to remind users that the amount of malware concealed as new episodes of this popular series is likely to increase with the new parts, "notes Anton V. Ivanov, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Access to the most popular series has become very simple in Slovenia since the arrival of legitimate streaming services over the last few years. Prices are also relatively affordable. HBO, for example, offers a HBO Go streaming service, which works without subscription to any Slovak television operators' TV channel. That's why the reason for piracy is getting smaller and smaller. Even Kaspersky Lab experts advise us not to visit video sites before we are convinced they are legitimate, and we also have to make sure that the web address begins with "https". We also need to check the correctness of the web address and spelling of the site name before downloading the file. At the same time we have to pay attention to the extensions of the downloaded files. Even if a TV series episode is output from trusted and legitimate sources, it is necessary to extend the .avi, .mvk or .mp4 file extensions or some other vdie features. In any case, they may not have .exe suffix, since they are other executable program files.

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