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Pucao Gaber Glavič showed his finger over the president and lies

The day after Sunday's defeat of HDD Siyron Acroni Jesenice against the biggest rival of the Olympics came to the conclusion that data from the iron head came to an end that Gaber Glavic, who took over the coach of the association last July, will no longer be the champion of the national championship. Glavic sent a message to the public on Friday, pointing to President Anoz Pogačar's finger, adding that he would keep the truth about the events for himself.

HDD Jesenice


President Jesenice on Coaching

The fourth defeat of Jesenice against Olympics this season was, according to HDD chairman Siy Acroni Jesenice Anže Pogačar drops over the edge. That was the end of the co – operation between the members of the Ironworks and Gabrovo Glavičem, who last year won last year's title of national and victorious champions with Jesenice last year and remained in the semi-finals of the Alps.

Glavic told SN team earlier that Pogacar shot before the derby on Sunday and then started training him, and Pogacar replied that it was not the case, but Glavica said he should not go to Ljubljana, however, due to the pressures the president does not want to talk about has gone and led the last match.

Olimpija vs. Jesenice Gaber Glavic


The win in the derby has broken the bottom: Glavic is no longer Jesenice coach




Glacier announced Friday by e-mail that he said that he had spoken false words, and he wrote that he would like to keep the truth for himself. You can read his record, which we have not changed.

According to his reputation, the trainer temporarily took over his assistant Aleš Burnik, a candidate for a new trainer. Under his leadership, the steel mills defeated Zell am See on Wednesday with a 4: 1 victory. On Saturday, they expect a more demanding rival, at 18 o'clock Feldkirch hosts Nike Zupančič.

Happy hockey lovers!

I'm in hockey since my fifth year. I've known him for years, especially in the last eight years of training. With all the titles and laurels I have achieved, I'm still the only goalkeeper who has succeeded in an elite hockey competition with a representative team. Both times. From the experience I know the training service is the most demanding and sometimes ungrateful! Most people never dare to accept it. I am her, with great joy, energy and desire. I'm not sorry and I'm proud to be part of a 70-year history of hockey in the fall.
At each conclusion the main words of the main actors are important. Real men finish in style and close the chapter! This is the same in all major clubs around the world, so it would be good for GASES. Angie Pogačar allowed a different path. In my many statements about my dismissal, there are many LAZIES and, above all, hockey ignorance. There is clear evidence for that. I'll be different. In favor of the Jagod's club, I will keep the truth for myself. I can not keep silent with one fact. The fact that the chairman of the Jagodni club was the only one who could not have smiled at the last derby, not to applaud with the hits and the leadership of his team. That says a lot, in fact, everything. He probably does not know that the scene from the bench saw the whole team and another fan …
I want great success at Jesenice Club! For boys and fans, many battles and applause are won.

I would finish with Dr. Prešerna's quote: "Only shoes belong to a horseman!" Gaber Glavic

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