Tuesday , January 19 2021

Quickly prepared pancakes of all kinds of flour

In the sixth season of the season Start Slovenia Aljaz Deu presented his delicious business idea that makes your work easier and saves time, and pancakes are no less delicious. Get to know each other Immediately pancakes!

Simple preparation
Immediately pancakes! The pancake mixture, which you simply have to mix with the right amount of water, is ready for baking. You can choose between white pancakes, buckwheat, rice and whole grain flour, which do not contain emulsifiers or flavor enhancers. Since they do not need to know the relationship between flour, eggs and milk, children can also prepare them. For a few minutes, the plates will have eight to ten delicious pancakes. The blend is particularly suitable for vacations and trips, as pancake ingredients no longer need to be sought.

It all depends on water

Do you want ordinary or thicker, thin American pancakes? It regulates the preparation of your favorite pancakes with the amount of added water. You can dress them up with a sweet and salty substitute, and make sure you have topping or spraying the point on.

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Successful business with the palace

With a blend Immediately pancakes! your favorite will dive on the table in just a few moments. Aljaz Deu has created a product after successful baking roasting with his wife and with the support of three sons. A child's play followed him all his life for the rest of his life, but his journey, which came up with falling and falling, occasionally calmed down his easy way of life. Immediately pancakes! they are designed for small and big gourmets and beautiful moments, while in less comfortable they bring pleasure.

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