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Racman's Villa is auctioned for a third of its #video value

The infamous Colosseum owner Sergei Racman's empire is disappearing. While police are searching for him with the biggest international search, because of his million-dollar debt, a public auction of his 4,500-square-foot estate is in the Ljubljana Mine.

Sergei Racman

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And for 851,000, that's the starting price of a luxury villa, though real estate experts estimate it is more than three million euros.

What happens to the empire while Racman awaits a turnaround in Canada?

The first public auction will be in a bad month. It was started by a bad state-owned bank, which owes Racman more than two million euros. A luxury property auction is just one of the bad news for Sergei Racman in recent days: it could soon lose its impact on the Coliseum in court, Planet 18 reported.

Sergei Racman

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The luxury villa consists of two buildings, a garage, a greenhouse, a swimming pool and next to a larger park once owned by Racman. As he explains Boštjan Boh, a real estate agent and court appraiser, the starting price of his villa should start at least three million.

Sergei Racman

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The asking price for the auction is lower and amounts to EUR 851 thousand. This is still an amount that is unthinkable to most Slovenians. The court sells luxury real estate because of the debt of investment firm Racman & # 39; s Auctor. This BAMC owes more than two million to other creditors 120 thousand euros, which is almost two and a half million.

"There are special buyers for this price range. When you buy such a property, you are already exposed to the media and taxes," Boh told Planet 18. It is therefore unlikely that any of Racman's acquaintances or any of the other wealthy Slovenes will be able to find themselves at auction. In such cases, they prefer to send proxies.

How many properties of this rank are sold annually in Slovenia?

"We can count on our fingers how many are for sale. From 10 to 20 properties are sold annually," Boh explains.

Potential buyers will be able to view the property. Of course, not quite so, the condition is the payment of insurance in the amount of 85 thousand euros. Otherwise, the property is impossible to see because it is surrounded by a high fence on all sides.

Sergei Racman Interpol

Photo: Interpol

Not just a luxury villa, the Court could soon occupy the Colosseum as well. However, in 2014, Racman sold SIP to real estate agent Davorin Vidmar, who lobbied on behalf of Racman to obtain a casino concession in Vrtojba. However, the court has now ruled that this contract is void. Racman is also wanted for alleged involvement in prostitution at Marina.IT.

He is currently in Canada because Slovenia and Canada do not have a bilateral extradition treaty.

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