Wednesday , June 23 2021

Run Smaller Half Diary

Modern lifestyle with low nutritional habits and weight increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This disease does not suffer but is chronic and causes many complications. This is the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, blindness and limb loss.

For faster implementation of obligations

Diabetes is recognized only in 50% of people. With the "Let's Reduce Half" initiative, the Association of Diabetes Associations in Slovenia and the Society for Cardiovascular Health Slovenia would like to join all Slovene governmental, nongovernmental and professional authorities to meet the obligations of the national diabetes control program. And what should be reduced? The International Federation of Sugar Disease (IDF) research has shown that diabetes is recognized only in 50% of people with this disease. Only 50% of them are treated, of which only 50% reach the goals of treatment, and only 50% achieve the desired results.

Alojz Rudolf, vice president of the Association of Diabetes Associations of Slovenia, points out that there are more than 425 million people worldwide diagnosed with diabetes. Until 2045 this figure could climb to 629 million. In Slovenia, we have about 125,000 people with diabetes, and many of them still do not know they have them. "We are not going to keep a register of patients, although this is a warning for many years, and the disease is not curable, so we can do the most to raise awareness that people recognize their condition."

She does not die because of sugar

Diabetes is a major disturbance of the contemporary, developed world, and most often, there is a chronic non-contagious disease, which is nearly ten percent of the adult population, and the number of patients is rapidly increasing. Two thirds of people with type 2 diabetes live in urban settings and are active in the age group of 20 to 64 years.

Due to diabetes, about 4.9 million people die annually, 60% of which are due to cardiovascular diseases and their complications. "Patients with diabetes do not usually die of sugar as such, but because of the complications that cause this disease. Type 2 diabetics die from a heart attack and often have complications with blood vessels on their feet and everything that follows. , we can provide such a quality life to such people, "says Prim. Matija Cevc, president of the Society for Cardiovascular Health.

This year, IDF released the results of global research on the awareness of people with type 2 diabetes risk of cardiovascular disease. If 12,695 patients participated, the results show that researchers underestimate the risk of cardiovascular disease in their disease. One of the four never talked to the doctor about the factors behind this type of risk.

Let's recognize your risk

Dr. Aleš Skvarca, a physician of diabetes, a specialist in internal medicine at UKC Ljubljana, explains how cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients occurs up to 15 years earlier than in others. In his opinion, it is inadmissible that half does not know about their illness. "Moreover, those with diagnosed diabetes are taking blood sugar as something unharmed," Skvarc says.

Some people take up to nine or even 12 years before they know they have diabetes. But then the complications are obvious. Timely detection and timely treatment of the disease is crucial. "In the first years of the disease, we lost miles so we could eventually get a significant milimeter," Skvarc says.

The World Wide Web offers a number of useful tools for identifying type 2 diabetes. One of them is # specific risk. If we know our own risk and timely check the health condition, we can avoid serious complications that can endanger our lives and improve the results of treatment, recommends IDF.

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