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She found Charles's secret message Diani

The author of the British royal biography revealed the contents of the letter sent by Charles Diani before his wedding.



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The evening before their marriage, a beautiful message is written, although it is said that their marriages are to be maintained. At this time, the 32-year-old Charles sent a gift, a ring, and a message to Diani, giving her support and offering her tips for a big day.


Penny Junor

says Charles was aware that the wedding was a mistake, but he knew he was too late for retirement, so he wanted to make a noble message and hoped to be all different from the wedding.

"I'm so proud of you and when you come, tomorrow I will be there for you on the altar, just look into your eyes and leave your mouth open"

Charles was on the eve of the wedding in 1981, written by Diane.

kate middleton, william


Kate does the same mistake as Princess Diana

Charles had been with Diana before


, which his family did not consider appropriate for the royal bride. Prince and Camilla, after many scandals and suffering of all those involved in the law, finally came to 2005.

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