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Slovenian handball players lost the EP's starting match

The Slovenian women's handball team lost to Montenegro in the starting group of the European Championship in France Nancy with 32:26 (12:18). Slovenia will move to France in the next round, the game will begin on Sunday, December 2 at 15:00.

In the national team, Ana Gros was the most effective with eight goals. Tamara Mavsar contributed seven, while Tjaša Stanko scored five goals. Branko Branko Zec collected nine defenders.

Slovene coach Uroš Bregar wins the defeat at his premiere at this year's finals in France. Handmade measures were taken by high-quality Montenegrins who have established all their strengths and won the first pair of points in Group B. against the Serbs.

tamara mavsar

Photo: Vid Ponikvar

Slovenes are even harder to test

After a day of break in the local hall Jean Weille in Nancy, Slovenes are faced with more difficult trials. First, on Sunday, December 2, at 3 pm, French nationals will compete in last year's world championships from Germany, which on Tuesday, December 4, 23:26, lost their opening against the Russians and are waiting for them to continue relies on the last winners of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

The Slovenes opened the first match in Nancy in the best possible way. The deficit in height and strength was replaced by a heartbeat and a clever play in the attack, and the defense was at a very high level. By the 12th minute, they were completely equal to the established competitors from Montenegro (4: 4), and then the first cracks started in their game. It has done extremely crude Montenegrin defense on the border of two-time exclusion as well as the first exchange in the Slovenian team. The players from the bench could not follow the sharp rhythm of well-run Montenegrin actors, 18 minutes left them for the first time for four goals (6:10).

According to Bregar's breakthrough, the power ratio in the field did not change, his chosen players in no way could compensate for the backlog, and made the biggest deficit when they went for a great break when they lost six goals (12:18).

Captain Ano Gros and his teammates play an important match against Montenegro on Friday.

Captain Ano Gros and his teammates play an important match against Montenegro on Friday.
Photo: Žiga Zupan / Sportida

The other half was better

The Slovaks opened the second half of the game in the best possible way and made a 5: 1 partial score in the first five minutes and forced the Swedish expert on the Pere Johansson crusade to take a minute break. Thanks to the effective play of the first celebration of Slovenia's national team, Ana Gros, as well as some defenses in the first half of the completely "invisible" goalkeeper Branka Zec, came closer to the contestants and dropped to 17:19, after the Montenegrin result for half time 2: 0 lasted one minute also interrupted Bregar.

Despite their efforts and wishes, they did not endanger Črnomorovski, they went several times to three goals (19:22, 20:23 and 23:26), but could not get close. The matches were always one step ahead of them, after the Slovene odd of 25:32 in 52 minutes, it was clear that he would experience the first defeat at this year's European Championship.

In the national team, Ana Gros was the most effective with eight goals. Tamara Mavsar contributed seven, Tjaša Stanko and Aneja Beganović scored five goals. Branko Branko Zec collected nine defenders.

The competition is held in five French cities (Nantes, Brest, Nancy, Montbeliard and Paris). In Group A in Nantes, Denmark, Serbia, Sweden and Poland, Group C in Montbeliard, Hungary, Spain, Holland and Croatia, while in Group D in Brest, Norway, Romania, Germany and the Czech Republic.

* Jean Weille Hall, Judges: Nastase and Raluca Stancu (both Rumania).
* Montenegro: Rajčić 1, Nenezić, Radičević 7, Jauković 6 (1), A. Bulatović 1, Klikovac, Ujkić, Premović, K. Bulatović 2 (1), Brnović 5, Pavičević, Ramusović 2, Mehmedović 4, Despotović 3, Raičević 4, Grbić 1.
* Slovenia: Zec, Vojnović, Gros 8 (3), Krajnc, Žabjek, Stanko 5, Abina, Barič, Mavsar 7 (3), Ferfolja 3, Zulić 3, Pišek, Vučko, Krhlikar, Beganović 5, Amon 1.
* Seven meters: Montenegro 3 (2), Slovenia 6 (6).
* Switch off: Montenegro 12, Slovenia 4 minutes.
* Red card: /.

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The most experienced players are not wearing a white flag

In the second part of the competition, which will be in Nantes and Nancy, will be ranked the top three teams from all four groups (Slovenian cross with group A), the decisive matches will be held in Paris at the famous Bercy Hall.

In the first part of the competition, the Slovenes will move with Russia, the current Olympic champions and the world champions from France, who will get the backing of domestic fans. With a nice tie to Montenegro, Slovenes could easily breathe in front of other competitions.

Slovenian national team for EP:

Keeper: Maja Vojnović (Krim Mercator), Branka Zec (Frisch auf Göpppingen);
Wing Actress: Ines Amon, Polona Barich, Tamara Mavsar (the whole Krim Mercator), Jasmina Pishek (Z & # 39; Dežele);
Foreign Actresses: Ana Abina (Krka), Tjaša Stanko, Hana Vučko, Nina Zulić, Nina Žabjek (all Crime Mercator), Lea Krajnc (Zagorje), Teja Ferfolja (PAOK), Ana Gros (Brest);
Circular attackers: Tanja Čajko (Mlinotest Ajdovščina), Lina Krhlikar (Göpppingen), Aneja Beganović (Crime Mercator).

The second part of the three teams

16 national teams will be taking part in the European Championship, divided into four groups of four. In the second part of the competition, the top three teams will be ranked in all four groups, which will then be divided into two groups of six. Slovenian team B will mix with group A in the second part of the championship, while Denmark, Serbia, Sweden and Poland participate in the first part. In the semi-finals, two best teams from both teams will qualify.

Slovenia, European Handball Championship, France (November 30 – December 16)

1st round, Friday, November 30th
Montenegro – Slovenia 36:32

2nd round, Sunday, December 2nd
15:00: Slovenia – France

Round 3, Tuesday, December 4th
18.00: Russia – Slovenia

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