Sunday , April 11 2021

Slovenian singer shocks viewers in singing show: She is unrecognizable (PHOTO)

On Planet TV on weekends, we can watch a new singing show in which famous Slovenes sing under masks, and commentators in two groups guess who the voice belongs to. Among other things, the singer also appeared on Sunday’s show Neisha, which simply impressed both viewers and commentators. When she took off her seahorse mask, some users of one of the forums were shocked because they were convinced that the singer had changed a lot. “Did anyone see Neishu yesterday in a show hosted by Klemen Slakonja on the Planet? I couldn’t believe my eyes !!! She really took pity on me,” one user wrote.

Under the guise of a mischievous seahorse, Neisha impressed both commentators. “The feeling on stage is a bit confusing because you see almost nothing, you only hear instructions and a matrix of music, and then you follow the instructions,” the singer said after performing for Planet TV, adding that the experience was unique.

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