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Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 5

Sony, however, has revealed new and, above all, important information about its next console, which has been confirmed but wrapped in a secret layer.

The new console will surprisingly be called simply the PlayStation 5.

The players are waiting for a fair upgrade. With upgraded computer capabilities, the case will also include a completely redesigned user interface, which should allow us to join the multiplayer clash much easier, which we will be notified of when our friends are in a tense turnaround.

Controllers will also be significantly upgraded. It will now include a USB-C connection and the vibration system will be replaced by "Haptic Feedback" technology. This will give players much more accurate back effects. The controller will jump like crazy when we hit a wall with a car, but it will offer other, more sensitive vibrations. For example, you will feel when your character is going through different terrains. Grass will give you a different feel than running on concrete. The triggers will be further upgraded as resistance will be installed. For example, when a player tightens a bow, the trigger will be harder to press, and the trigger will allow them to adjust for different weapons.

The new dualshock controllers will also contain a larger battery and are therefore heavier, but Sony says it will still be lighter than the Xbox controller.

Ray trace technology will also be supported. Not only software, as suggested earlier, but also a machine, will be built in this way. Ray search is obviously really the future and it will be a real pleasure to see how this technology utilizes all the upcoming exclusives.

By the way, do you remember those concept drawings that were supposed to show the final image of the new console and were all labeled as just a prototype? The case is obviously true. The Wired website published a huge article in which they went deep into the PlayStation 5 and could see the console live. According to them, this one is very reminiscent of the drawings that appeared online.

We also received an official release date. The PlayStation 5 will bring the world to life towards the end of 2020 and Sony will take advantage of the Christmas fever for sale.

You can read more at their official blog post.

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