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Step forward to raise your minimum pay

At today's extraordinary session, with 50 votes for and no one, the deputies decided that the proposal to amend the Minimum Wage Act was appropriate for further consideration.

However, the debate was shaken by opinions on the reason for raising the minimum wage, not all the net salary, as well as the importance of social dialogue in which a prior hearing was held.

The proposal to amend the Law on Minimum Wage, prepared in Levi and with the support of all the Coalition deputies, predicts that the minimum wage from the current 638 euros in the next year will increase to 667 euros, and in 2020 the net of 700 euros.

Exclude additives

In addition, all allowances will be excluded from the minimum wage, and by 2021 a formula for calculating the minimum wage should be at least 20 per cent higher than the minimum cost of living. After the current calculation, it is 736 euros.

Submission of proposals and support to the coalition encouraged employers' organizations who stressed that the determination of minimum wage should be the subject of consultation and coordination between social partners.

The lack of social dialogue was also one of the main complaints of the proponents, and the criticism was heard by the opposition and the coalition. As the SMC pointed out in the discussion, the proposal represents "an attempt to overcome already fragmented social dialogue".

Comments were also about the removal of all the additives that many people look for too soon. Special attention should be paid to the elimination of age bonuses, as this may further aggravate the competitiveness of older job seekers, she stressed

Mojca Žnidarič

from SMC.

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"Who earns more than one with a minimum wage will earn less at night"

More open questions

It would be sensible to adjust the dynamics of implementing individual solutions to the government.

"Given the predictability of the business environment, it is inappropriate for the amendments adopted in December 2018 to be applied in January 2019"

The government reported after today's correspondence session.

The issue of the formula and the date of minimum quota exclusion is still open, and the proposals will be submitted by the ruling parties, and Levica, who coordinated the proposal for today's first reading at the National Assembly, was coordinated in further proceedings at the National Assembly.

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"If the economy does not create, there is no money for anything"


"We sharply reject"


Employers protest for minimum wage

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