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The average household each month with 2.6 pounds of advertising mail

The average household in the mailbox receives 2.6 pounds of unmanaged mail. advertisements per month or £ 32 per year. All households receive a total of 20,000 tonnes of such shipments annually, according to a survey by borderless ecologists who advise consumers to opt out of advertising and do something good for the environment.



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Households can protect themselves from spam by using a sticker that will prohibit the delivery of non-customized mail items, which is available at every mail for 42 cents. The label uses about a quarter or four. 206,155 households, say borderless environmentalists.

About 20,000 tons of leaflets a year

In May and June, this NGO monitored on a daily basis the quantities, frequency and "senders" of advertising leaflets that households receive into their mailboxes in three households in Ivanc Gorica, Laško and Mengš. Such advertising leaflets are collected annually for around 20,000 tonnes, which is almost half of the total waste generated in the country in 2017.


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The survey found that the most popular advertiser day for sending this type of mail was Monday, when households received, on average, seven pieces of advertising. 239 grams of unaddressed advertising mail. They received at least such mail on Fridays, with an average of 1.5 pieces or 83 grams.

Most advertisements receive households between the first and the fifth day of the month, with an average of five. 184 grams per day. At least such mail arrives in the mailbox between the 26th and 31st day of the month, with an average of 2.9 pieces or. 113 grams per day.

In one month, the average household receives an unspecified advertising mail from 31 different advertisers, and a total of 86 different advertisers were recorded at all three locations in two months, five of which provided recycled paper or paper. paper from responsible sources.

Two thirds or. 65 percent of all advertising leaflets come from grocery chains with predominantly grocery sales, followed by furniture retailers with a share of 24 percent. Prominent mail advertisers include sellers of electrical and electronic equipment, drug stores and textiles.

Of the 86 advertisers detected, only five use recycled paper or paper from responsible sources

According to the paper, Ecologists Without Borders, many hazardous chemicals that affect human health and the environment are used in paper production. In some countries, more than ten percent of all drinking water is consumed for paper production, and from 2003 to 2013 intact forest areas were reduced by 7.2 percent, partly due to logging.


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Most advertisers use promotional paper, which is not the best recycling device because it contains too little quality cellulose fibers, so they have to be recycled when recycling.

Therefore, borderless environmental experts are urging households to forgo advertising leaflets, do something good for the environment and, as a result, free themselves from dependence on marketing messages.

The receipt of advertising messages is canceled by a sticker of the Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (Akos), which the postal service providers are obliged to take into account. The Akos sticker has been available since 2003 and has since sold about 35,000. Its use has been constant in recent years, but increased use has been observed during the summer holidays, and at a time when many users are pasting it, which is removed by ecologists without borders after being removed from vacation.

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