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The bear, sought by hunters, has returned to you – this time in the hive

After a week of searching, hunters in the area of ​​Vrh and Želimlje did not find a bear with two puppies who attacked and damaged the 80th anniversary of last Saturday. On Friday night, the bear returned to the hive in the neighborhood of the attacked lady. The decision that allows hunters to kill bears, and both puppies expire today – will be extended?



Activists: It is true, we intentionally make noise in the #video forest



We remind that a bear with two young cubs on hunters landed last Saturday when he attacked the 80-year-old resident of Vrh and Želimljamija.

As we were told a few days ago Mitja Spindler, the head of the Škofljik hunting family, the lady needs 20 minutes to listen to crying, raising the puppy, which reminds the voice of the child in distress. When she answered and walked about 20 feet from her to check what was happening, the bear attacked her.

After the attack, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a verbal decision to shoot the beard and two of his puppies with the consent of the Environment Agency (Arso), which is responsible for the murder in exceptional cases.

Family Farm Sedmak Pastirski pas Turci Pas Pivka


A family farm that has always lived among bears and wolves



Keep this time in your neighbor's beehive

A week later, bearers of bears have not yet been found, although at the end of the week they returned to the village.

"On a Friday night, the bear is on a neighbor's beehive from the abandoned lady, the beehive is corrupted. We estimate that it was the same bear, because it is unlikely that there would be another bears or even a bear in the area. "Said Spindler, who is also a member of the three-member intervention team of the Slovene Forestry Service, responsible for killing the bear.

Spindler says he hardly believes, but believes that activists who, in their desire to prevent her firing, contributed to her return to the settlement, have been walking for a long time by the forests of forests and beat up pots and caps. thrown deeper into the woods.

To do this, Spindler told us during the week (more in the article With pots and hammock caps in the woods to help save the bear from the hunters), and the response of the activist can be found in Activist: The truth is, we intentionally make the noise in the woods.

Activists, unlike hunters, believe that the bear is not dangerous to humans.

Activists, unlike hunters, believe that the bear is not dangerous to humans. "At this point, she only protects her puppies. It is dangerous only to the extent that all other bears are dangerous."
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With pots and plugs that lie in the woods to save the bear from #video hunters



Today is a meeting on extending the removal order

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Photo: STA

"This is irresponsible, dangerous and scarce, but it does not have any effect, and if that was the case, the hunter would eventually enter the forest and shoot three times in the air, and the bear would retreat," Spindler repeated in a telephone conversation today, who says activists finally noticed yesterday.

He warns that obstruction of the game is also a criminal offense for which the hunting inspector may impose a fine of up to EUR 1,200 per individual.

In his opinion, the scum was even more angry with the bear, which the hunters did not find in the last week. Today, the shooting decision stands out. Asked who would decide whether to extend it, Spindler explained:

"Today, in the evening, our intervention team will meet again and check the situation, perhaps the residents have noticed new circumstances that have not been reported to emergency services. . "

Besides, Spindler tells us that the bear, who tasted the sweetness of honey, probably returned.

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Reshil near Vrhnik settled three Siberian tigers #foto #video



Human security is the first task of hunters

Spindler tells us once again what he told us in the middle of the week: Bearing killing, even a bear with cubs, is a difficult task for hunters. But, as he says, the security of people is in the first place. "Such an animal can not be close to people," he says.

Remember the case of a few years ago, which occurred in the area of ​​the nearby village of Kurešček (above Ig). "The bear has been in the village for some time, but he did not attack people but was caught in all the fields around the village. Finally, the ass was approved – not because of the damage to the chicken owners, but because of his encroachment in the immediate vicinity of the village.

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