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Slovenia has something to show, including ballet art, which perfectly complements our presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair of 2022, as several ballets are created according to literary patterns, "Jagodić emphasized on jubilee.

The evening ended with the dance performance in black in choreography and performance by Lojzka Žerdin. Photo: Jože Baša

The institutions of non-governmental and governmental ballets together presented the creativity of the Slovenes

November 21, 2018 at 09:37

Berlin celebrated the 100th anniversary of ballet art in Slovenia. Slovenian and non-governmental institutions in Slovenia's ballet were presented at the Hall of the Slovene Catholic Mission: SNG Ljubljana Ballet, SNG Maribor Ballet and Slovenian Association of Ballet Artists (DBUS).

The introduction is the Soloist of the Ljubljana Ballet Giorgia Vailati and Kenta Yamamoto she danced a dance suit Lok, whose design and original choreography was signed by Pia and Pino Mlakar, and was baptized in Munich in 1939; ballet suitable Lok has renewed Olga Andreev with the help of Dušanka Berce Mlakar and Tom Mlakar.

They followed the choreography duet Edward Clough Radio and Juliet to the music of the radiohead band that was drunk Catarina De Meneses and Ionut Dinita, Largo in the choreography of Vlasta Dedović on the music of George Friedrich Händl, performed by Ursa Vidmar and Filip Viljušič from DBUS.

Then you have a ballet duet Symphony of dangerous songs director Tomaž Pandur and choreographer Ronald Savković at the music of Henry Mikolaja Gorek Symphony no. 3, who had baptized in Berlin in 2010, again presented Giorgio Vialati and Yamamoto, with ballet Peer Gynt also featured in Clug's choreography and music by Edward Griega Asami Nakashima and Yuya Omaki, Evening finished playing the video Dance in black in choreography and performance Lojzke Žerdin.

The event was organized by the Slovenian Cultural Center Berlin (SKC Berlin) together with SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, SNG Maribor and DBUS. The jubilee anniversary is rounded off by a bilingual German-Slovenian flyer, which is also intended to promote and establish contacts in the field of ballet and dance art between the countries.

SKC Berlin Chairman Gregor Jagodič expressed his satisfaction that Slovenia in Slovenia is representing three central Slovenian ballet institutions, which is a major achievement of national importance since it is the first such performance abroad.

As stated in the press release, they also mark the 85th anniversary of dancers, choreographers and pedagogues Lojzke Žerdin, She began her expressive movement with Maria Wigman and brought knowledge into Slovenia, rejecting her initiative to take over the famous Berlin School after completing her studies. "Slovenia has something to show, including ballet art that perfectly complements our presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2022, as several ballets are created according to literary patterns " He wrote Jagodič.

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