Sunday , September 22 2019
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The Galileo satellite system will not be overnight

Galileo has been in the pilot phase since December 2016. The device uses its signal, in which the system does not operate, switches to GPS.

As we understand the European Agency for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GSAs), it is a surprise that the navigation of in-time storytelling is a must. The function of the in-lining is also unreasonable.

Galileo currently has 22 satellites, so it would be best for me to compete with the world for the coming summer. Galileo bo, unlike the GPS system under the control of the civilian EU, follows and wants its slow GPS to compete with the gray Glonas.

The European satellite navigation system would, for the most part, be the result of a navigational twisting of ter-signals on discordant twilight in the north of Europe, in large numbers, making it a high-rise building for motorcycles. At best, it would be best to use the Voicemail.

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