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The head of the basketball federation will build luxury housing in Ljubljana

Rašo Nesterović and Matej Erjavec, the leading Slovenian basketball federation (KZS), are also involved in the capital project in the capital. To whom did you trust the money and how much should you earn?

Knaf's passage in the center of Ljubljana was one of the most popular places in the capital since the late 90s. For almost twenty years, the image of this part of Ljubljana is about an abandoned site where the Nine Building should grow, linking Knaf's passage to Čopova Street. The construction stopped the disagreement among many landlords, the crisis and other troubles of various investors.

However, a project worth millions of euros will soon be shifted from deadlocks. New owner Carmen Dobnika famous Ljubljana attorney predicts that construction works could begin this year. He also found the financiers of his New Ninth project company. These are:

Matej Erjavec, lawyer and president of the Basketball Association of Slovenia (KZS),

Raso Nesterović, a former basketball player who has played in the NBA league for many years now, and is now the chief secretary in ASK, that is, Erjavec's right hand, and

Slavko Latinović, more than ten years ago, the restaurant manager at Vodnik in Ljubljana Šiški, now owned by Latinos, is registered for dry construction.

Matej Erjavec and Rašo Nesterović

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An abandoned construction site in Knaf's passage.

An abandoned construction site in Knaf's passage.
Photo: Ana Kovač

They lent 1.4 million euros at high interest rates

Erjavec, Nesterovic and Latinovic provided 1.4m euros for the implementation of the project. According to our data, Nesterovic, his wife and Latinovic each borrowed 550,000 euros, while Erjavec had the remaining 300,000 euros. The loan is due for a year. In return, Dobnikova will have to pay high, even 15% interest, which is still more than 200 thousand.

"The company has taken over part of the funding for the project on the market, with private lenders," Dobnikov confirmed. The money was used to buy the remaining part of the unfinished building, which was not yet in his possession. This allows him to obtain a building permit and execute all planned procedures.

"My role is visible from the publicly available records you've probably reviewed. What other roles do I have in my case," Erjavec told, who did not want to give any other comments. Nesterovic was not available for explanation.

Photo: Ana Kovač

Photo: Ana Kovač

Up to 24 standard suites

Although Dobnik insists the project is developing and does not cooperate with other partners, our data suggests that Erjavec, Nesterovic and Latinovic could play a greater role. According to the plans, they will also distribute profits from the sale of apartments and business premises.

What will be the new version of the Devetka project? As explained by Dobnikova, a business-residential building will be built, which will store and store on the ground floor and on the first floor. On the upper floors there are 20 to 24 oversized apartments with hanging gardens and green terraces for sale on the market.

"The almost designed solution is in line with the requirements for protecting the monument," she said, and before launching new Knaf Crossing construction machinery, she will have to obtain a new building permit, but she does not suspect that she will succeed in that regard.

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Photo: Ana Kovač

Photo: Ana Kovač

Will it go to a third party?

As already mentioned, the Devetka project has a long history. They started building it in 2001 under a public-private partnership, but came to the third stage of construction, ie they laid the roof and prevented the destruction of the building.

The first private investor was Polder, who led it Borut Rezar, the main actor and convicted in the affair of Zbiljski gaj. After several years, Polder ended up in bankruptcy, and the unfinished object was in bankruptcy. The project was then trying to revive Bahtijar BajrovićThe first man and owner of the chain of Sportina, but after the outbreak of the 2008 crisis, stopped all project-related activities. In the end, the assets were taken over by banks due to the overwhelmingness of Bajrović's empire.

But that was already complicated because of different interests. The unfinished object, according to architects and co-owners, who were potential investors, was not well-positioned, so they had to be aligned with changes in spatial planning documents. The key problem was the common particle on which Knaf connects buildings and land. It was owned by seven owners, but most of them had unrealistic expectations of a possible purchase.

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Nesterovic burned in Switzerland, Erjavec buys real estate

Rašo Nesterović is under the captain of the Golden Basketball team of Goran Dragić, LA hockey player Anzko Kopitarja, former goalkeeper of Slovenian football team Samija Handanovic and some of the best-paid Slovenian athletes in history.

In ten years of playing in the NBA, Nesterovic earned less than $ 50 million (about $ 44 million) according to Hoopshype's website. But he did not always have a happy hand with investments.

Raso Nesterović

Photo: Getty Images

At the beginning of the year it was reported that the fraudulent financial advisor in Switzerland rushed for seven million euros. Nesterovic believed this money together with three other NBA players, including one former Chicago Bulls, Benetton and Jugoplasty Toni Kukoč, With an investment in a hotel in St. Moritz, who was never really built, lost 15 million Swiss francs together, half of that amount lost to Nesterovic, which he did not try to regain.

Matej Erjavec, a law firm, earns more than 600,000 euros in revenue and about 200,000 euros in net profit a year. Erjavec has previously invested in real estate projects. At the beginning of last year, investors in Russia sold it to Trim Invest, which owned 2.3 million euros in real estate. A few months later he bought several business premises from the famous Ažman family at the Bavarian Court in Ljubljana.

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