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The new triumph of Bojana, in the fight for the first finalist, will have a nice advantage

In the challenge, which this time prepared by Bine Volčič, four contestants have moved. Sanja Sirk and Spela Golob came out in the first round, while in the second round Bojan Bešter for mice beat Anza Kuplenik and secured a specific advantage over time for tomorrow's fight for the first finalist.

When four contestants learned that one of them would become the first finalist of this year's show tomorrow, they woke up with a great fighting spirit. Best of the challenge he has prepared Bine VolčičNamely, a precious prize has been promised, an additional 20 minutes for cooking on the tomorrow's challenge. The cooking instructor first showed the only submission, which had to be repeated in 15 minutes.

Binet magic for cookingPHOTO: POP TV

Spit Golob they were shaking, so Bina tried to reconcile with the words, Bojana Beštrathe more shaking he even grabbed his hands. The judge took care of him, soon afterwards for the Spake, which was too slow. But Cave was not the only one who had lost too much time. Bojan was the best at the end of the challenge but overcame his files Anže Kuplenik, but both of them continued to fight for the prize. Sanji Sirk and Spelli failed, they were in the first round.

Spies and Sanja did not succeedPHOTO: POP TV

Bojan and Anza had to create Binet's masterpiece prepared in front of their eyes. The contestants had 70 minutes to re-create it. The painter tried to reconcile this time, was confused and at the prices of judges it was a spit for such a delicious meal. He had to prepare the individual ingredients twice, he thought, for too much desire and enthusiasm.

The painter tried to work quietlyPHOTO: POP TV

In the beginning, Anze was more entrenched and organized, and then it turned out that his most important component was the worst of Bojan's meals. Then he made another mistake in preparing the cauliflower and forgot to cook it. It took him some time to understand what he had to do, and he finished the board in the last second.

Anza was completely frozenPHOTO: POP TV

Both dishes were tasted by Bina, who highly praised Anzet and was stuck in a cauliflower. Since Anze was too late to intervene, the cauliflower was not cooked enough, so the pie was not smooth. Bojan immediately recognized the accuracy, which surprised him. Be here immediately.But where are they?"He was expecting two boards to be delighted.

Bojana managed to get the hair for the mousePHOTO: POP TV

The judge then turned back on two boards, but after tasting he estimated that Bojan would earn another 20 minutes, as a result of incomplete Anzet's cauliflower. Bine about Anžeet's plate: "It was just burning for the mouse."The pain will therefore have an additional 20 minutes to cook in tomorrow's challenge."

Anzee, Sanja and Splay tomorrow will be harderPHOTO: POP TV

Competitors must prepare for the three challenges of the "Mystery Box", which will be the first finalist of this year's MasterChef Slovenia Fair. Do not miss it tomorrow at 21:00 on POP TV and you can watch the show on VOYO.

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