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The northern glow, with the help of artificial intelligence, one of the most powerful phones, has got its voice this time

To show what all artificial intelligence can incorporate into its Mate 20 Pro parade phone, Huawei has given the band a special task: the fine light of the northern shadow.

After three months of close collaboration with the Norwegian astronaut hunter

Kjetila Skoglija,


Brand Sayfritza,

who, using artificial intelligence, worked on images of the northern shadows and conductor

James Shearman

and their colleagues, we witnessed an unusual result – the Symphonies of the Sound of Light.

It is a polar glow in the area around Tromsø in Norway. The Huawei's artificial intelligence system Mate 20 Pro has learned the automatic recognition of its key features and turned them into musical elements and then embedded it into the phone's symphony.

"When we see the aururu in the sky, it is very difficult to determine what kind, so we have to learn artificial intelligence first to recognize the different types of northern shadows and to divide the images into ten different categories for each of these categories, composers based on the size, form and intensity of music motive, "

described the process

Peter Gauden

from Huawei.

The Sound of Light Author: Huawei


Artificial Intelligence has recognized and analyzed different light characteristics, and then learned from connecting music elements with a polar shadow video. For all these processes, there was only one phone.

sound of light autor:

"By introducing artificial intelligence into my music, a whole new range of creative possibilities has opened up, and now I can introduce polar recordings into an artificial intelligent system that analyzes parameters such as color, size, shape, and speed, then generates different variations of my music sentences. dramatic light effect, can adjust the sound to reflect the intensity of the composition itself, and then can include those elements in the symphony itself "

explained the composer Sayfritz.

The musical masterpiece was one of the best composers and conductors in the world,

James Shearman,

and from her in the famous Brahms Hall in Vienna she prepared the orchestral performance of the Sound of Light.

"With the performance of the Sound of Light, I wanted to empower powerful emotions in the audience to get the feeling that polar glow and artificial intelligence actually talk to them through music"

Shearman said.

But fear that artificial intelligence will replace a person is (for now) too redundant.

sound of light autor:

It still has to pull the person who directs them in the background. What you want to prove with such projects is that fear is overwhelming – it's just a tool that will make it easier for people, but they will not replace them, say Huawei.

Artificial intelligence The doors of our lives are getting worse and worse. Not so long ago, for a much more advanced operation, large computers were needed, today you have your artificial intelligence in the living room (and maybe you do not even know it).

"Such devices are our digital assistants, and one of the features of artificial intelligence is the ability to predict. If we allow us to take some steps for us, it will be of great help to us"

to emphasize with Huawei.

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