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The reconstruction of Parmova Street in Ljubljana begins

On Monday, the renovation of Parmova Street in Ljubljana will be completed, connecting Bežigrad with the city center. Works on a busy and busy street will be held for 360 days, and access to facilities will be permanently enabled, promising in the municipality. Parmova will also be the only approach to the planned neighborhood with hundreds of flats.

City buses on line 14 will be driven by an alternate route.

Parmova Street in Ljubljana, one of the busiest transport arteries in the northern part of the city, undergoes a thorough renovation. It will work on Monday and last for almost a year (360 days). The project will be implemented in several phases, and will have to accept prisons, roundabouts and congestion, while providing access to Parmi facilities in the Ljubljana City Hall (MOL).

The northern part of Parma is closed in the summer

Walk along Samova Street and Dunajska Street.PHOTO: MOL

From Monday to the end of September, the closed northern part of the street will not be cut off between Drenica and Bežigradska Street. Driving will take place along Samova Street and Dunajska Street.

After completing the northern part, the workers will move to the southern part of Parma from Beirut to the Kurilni Street.

In the municipality, drivers are advised to keep information on mobility and road closure on the PROMO traffic information portal, and can travel through the city via a robot chat Ljuba from Ljubljana, which works within the Facebook Messenger application.

A new picture of the over-stretched streets

Parmova StreetPHOTO: Miro Majcen

Initially, only the road overload was planned, and then the extension of the project, which now includes the extension of pedestrian and cycling areas and the restoration of the entire communal infrastructure. This, however, has increased the project for more than two million euros to around 3.6 million euros without VAT, has been explained in a municipality that will assume most of the financial burden. 308 thousand will get Energetika Ljubljana, while 365 thousand (without VAT) will be VO-KA Power. € 380,000 was co-financed (85% from Cohesion Funds and 15% from the State Budget). Contractor is Kostekova kraška company.

Parmova Street, connecting Bežigrad with the center of Ljubljana, will get a new look.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

The municipality anticipates that, within the reconstruction of Parmova Street, the carriageway, the bicycle lanes and the pavements will be fully adapted to the existing urban planning and connection to individual individual or public buildings and streets connecting Parmova Street. No buildings are planned for demolition.

The bicycle trail will be maintained without lifting and downhill, while the section from Bežigrad to Kurilni ulica is planned to slow down traffic and arrange long-haul parking with green islands. The intersection of Parmova Street with Bežigrad Street should be semaphorized, and the new sidewalks and public lighting should be newly built.

When Parmova Street is completed, the road is renewed along a very busy street Bežigrad leading to the Vienna Road.

The area where a new residential area will be built.PHOTO: Miro Majcen

Parmova Street – the only approach to a new settlement

In the area already occupied, it is expected that Parmova will build up to two residences, with almost 700 flats. Therefore, the question arises whether the traffic road, which is already burdened with the road, is "eaten" at all. They believe in the municipality.

"The first planned reconstruction of Parma Road was fully in line with the planned construction after the OPPN, supplemented with all the necessary infrastructure in Parmova Street, Parmova Street in accordance with the OPPN, the planned number of flats in the OPPN area and the associated traffic flows"they responded to the Department for Spatial Planning of MOL.

The only approach to the new neighborhood is Parmova and Bežigradska Street.

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