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The sand is sharp in the Merc case: even thoughts about the protest

Former Primary School Director in Ljubljana Dušan Merc advocates in court for the protection of students who are sexually abused on elementary school trips. That happened in June 2013 when the students left the school on a sports day in the waterfront of Atlantis.

The host and journalist also reacted sharply to the whole event Rosvita PesekShe sat on the side of the dismissed director and even wrote to think about the protest in court. It was written on her facebook profile.

"I never went to Tavcar and showed up in court, last night I got the feeling that I would leave the next trial in the case of MERC, we were all intermingled, the right victim to protection, in this case two nurses, the right of the director to react to violence and students nineteenth degree, because it does not stop to encourage and humiliate the victim, forbidding entry to school.
He was logical and human. But not for the inspector and the prosecutor. They are obviously convinced that violent smokers should not be allowed to enter school. Should I punish the girls and send them to stay at home, and the boys would still use the school halls by their behavior? Now, on the back bench, Merc is a manager. Another eloquent director who never feared. Not the school authorities, which sometimes made it clear and loud, where they smashed it, not the politicians who wanted to tame it. He went to the nose because he had his conviction, his opinion and his spine. She's now retired. And you want to break it. So exemplary, it will be known.

No one was set for him. She is not a school minister Pikalowho should ask the health inspector, not the minister Katic, which obviously did not do anything wrong. Excuse me, this mantra that politicians can not comment on things until the ongoing trial is one of the most accomplished things. Watching the same and Pilates washing the dead! Yesterday morning prosecutors would have to spit feathers, and General Prosecutor Sketch should convene a press conference. When the Supreme Court was seriously violated and stated that the arguments of the European Court did not convince, the legal task increased. Finally, Supreme Judges were distancing themselves from that point. And the superiors called for an explanation.

Nothing happened today, but it should! Everything should be worried. Including government and prime minister. Independence of the judiciary up or down. We lose the feeling of normalcy. For a healthy mind. We are all already afraid. We are all afraid we will not say anything bad. The price of our fears is paid by retired director Merc. Because the girls who were attacked by their colleagues were insured, and colleagues showed the door. Then the inspector, obviously legally driven by one of the boys, blazed for eight months and sought hair in the egg. Now, after five and a half years, the mayor is represented in court.

Since last night on November 29th, the former day of the republic was still that; those who voted for the new Republic of Slovenia in the plebiscite, such a division of the value and victory of the prosecution, as Merc shows, we do not want. "

We'll have to wait for the epilogue of the whole thing.

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