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The Tournament Municipality hopes to invest 14m euros from Egyptian investors

The mayor of the tournament believes that investors are serious. Photo: Reuters

On July 5, the municipality announced a tender for the sale of real estate in the local economic zone, which opened until 26 July. To buy a whole, an interested company is looking for foreign investors looking for a place for a car factory that would not have a paintbrush. Thus, local mayors at the session of the municipality introduced saints to the Turks, local media reported Borut Horvat and said that the initial employment of about 70 people, and for five years the number would increase to 400.

Horvat explained that for the time being he did not want to talk about specific names for serious intent, but also concludes that he talked with representatives of potential investors about three months of buying entire land in the industrial zone. They also signed a letter of intent with the municipality.

Due to poor experience, the municipality was secured
The investor, a company owned by the Egyptian and the Slovenian director, should have between four and five million of its own capital, it should also be from Egypt, and the same amount would be borrowed. The value of all 23 plots is slightly over 168,000 euros, and the square meter is estimated at five euros. The municipality will first try to sell the unit, if it does not succeed, it will sell the land separately.

Horvat said at a meeting that the municipality was insured due to bad experience, so that within a year of changing the municipal spatial plan, the client must begin to apply for a building permit and one year after the final building permit is to begin to build.

They plan to further regulate the economic zone
Otherwise, the land will again become the property of the municipality and will return to the depositor a non-interestable purchase price minus the contractual penalty, which will amount to up to twenty percent of the purchase price.
The mayor further states that, with favorable outcome, the regulation of the economic zone will be resumed as the project in promoting entrepreneurship as a priority investment is included in the agreement on the development of the Pomurska region by 2020.

The value of this project is almost 350,000 euros, of which 255,000 euros from the European Cohesion Fund, 64,000 euros from the state budget, and the difference is in the municipality that is the project holder.

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