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The well-known Slovenian woman at the age of 26 experienced the shock of life – breast cancer

A few days ago, October began to blossom – a month dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer, the most common form of cancer in women. The young model has experienced that the disease is unaffected and also affects young girls. Jana Koteska, which we watched this year on the popular Star Dance show. Jana was barely 26 years old with the disease, and her life turned upside down. When she felt a bulla on her chest, she immediately went to the doctor. He referred her to investigations, which confirmed her fears.

In the show The Stars Dance, she was dating Jerne Brenholz. PHOTO: MIRO MAJCEN

"I fell to the ground because of the shock, but quickly picked up and from that moment on I just kept going, so I didn't think much about the disease, more about the goal, where I would be, where I could see how I had overcome it," most remembers shocking moments in life. Despite a difficult diagnosis, she decided not to give up on life but to deal with the disease and overcome it. After the diagnosis, the treatment soon began and as soon as she felt better, she began to do things that made her happy. After reconstructing both breasts, she did not lose her sense of humor and even named them. She called the name Love (to protect her) and her true Thanksgiving (for experience) and wanted to tattoo the inscription in English, but because the nipple tattoo hurt her too much, she gave up thinking.

Jana Koteska found out about the disease in December 2009. PHOTO: MATEJA J. POTOČNIK

With the help of her family, now an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, Jana finally overcame a serious illness that made her discover a lot of new things, decided to live differently, and has been looking forward to each new day ever since.

"Too often we hide our true feelings and pretend to be bolder than we are. When asked how often we answer yes, although this is not the case. If you have to cry, then get angry," Jana advises anyone who has to deal with this malignant and they seem to have no hope.

Shocking statistics
In Slovenia, breast cancer is also the most common cancer in women. Each year, about 1300 women and up to 15 men die, nearly 400 women and up to 10 men die.

"Everyone has their own way and their own way, it is important that you open yourself to it," says Jana, who is one of the most recognizable faces in the Europa Europa Donna Association today. "It's better to tell the truth and hang out with people, because anyone can give you advice or just fill you with energy. Then you don't want to hear negative stories because you are very sensitive to them, "he says.

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