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This year, 24 infections were recorded in Austria

In Austria, at least 24 cases of measles infection have been recorded this year. Children under the age of five are infected with 40 percent of cases, says Heidermaire Holzmann, a Viennese virologist. The worst is in Styria, where about 50 patients this year were treated with preventive treatment for suspected infections.

This is the worst in Austria's Styria.PHOTO: Thinkstock

At the pediatrician of Graz, the virus allegedly extended the 15-year-old who came to the hospital on January 11th. At that time, more than 30 infants were allegedly infected with preventative treatment. On Wednesday, five children were suspected of having been infected with measles, but no new patients have been received.

At least 13 cases of measles infection were confirmed in Austrian Styria.

Today, six infants in the Tyrol hospital received six infants who were in contact with a sick child. Since they are younger than six months, they should not be vaccinated. Examples of measles have also been reported on Solstrom.

Is the virus in Austria a tourist?

According to the first investigation, the virus leads to Ukraine, but in Austria this virus can come from tourists.

Heidermaire Holzmann adds that the patient may be infected with 12 to 18 other people. Experts warn that the best defense from measles vaccination.

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