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Two juveniles, who were on their way to school, seized the fireworks


Happy December starts, but unfortunately it comes with the use of firewood and other pyrotechnics. This is still not permitted, but the cops in New York have already confiscated nearly two hundred of the juveniles in two minors.


In recent years, we have been pleased to note that by the end of the year there is less and less buzzing, and thus less calls from people who are disturbed by such behavior and are too busy. This week, however, in the first surveillance carried out by new police officers in the early morning hours, minors caught nearly a hundred illegal chicks,U PU Novo mesto.

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"It has been a pleasure in recent years to notice that there are fewer cracks, less injuries and, consequently, fewer calls from people who are upset and frightened by this behavior at the end of this year." We were already at the first watch in the early morning classes at school, Novo Mesto confiscated nearly a hundred illegal minors' bishops, " claim to PU Novo mesto.

Even before December, police have seized nearly one hundred forgeries.PHOTO: PU New Place


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In the densely populated neighborhood of Wall Street, who was closer to the sick, were caught minors who drove the cup away, caught him with the nine forgeries he had with him. In the second case, 84 minors were deprived of another miners. For both of them, in violation of the provisions on explosives and pyrotechnic articles in court, they will turn to the motion of the objection.

We are told that individuals will not always realize that shooting for many people is mothers, causing fear, danger of illness and danger of contamination, # 382; Environment. Ogro also have not become more cautious because they have a more focused hearing, they shoot more and more often and lose and lose. Neomethane and negligible use of pyrotechnic products can result in severe bodily incidents with permanent consequences, & # 34; & # 160;warn police officers.

There are so many reasons that no fiery bombs will come and policemen will continue with tight controls in December and will continue to take measures against the fighters.

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In the agglomeration on Volčičeva Street, near the hospital, a minor was caught on the road to throwing burning bulls on the way to school. He grabbed the nine of the fighter he had with him. Almost 84 illegal mines were seized by another juvenile. Both will be sent to court for violating the provisions of the Act on Explosives and Pyrotechnic Articles against the Prosecution.

"We are sorry that individuals still do not realize that shooting for many people is disturbing, causing fear, a sense of danger and polluting the environment." The animals are also vulnerable because they have more focused hearing, they are moved by frustration and frightening and often overcome and can be lost. uninterrupted use of pyrotechnic articles can lead to serious injuries with permanent consequences " warn police officers.

There are so many reasons that firecrackers will not fire, and the police will continue with tight controls in December and strictly take action against perpetrators.

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