Saturday , April 17 2021

Unofficially: one of the richest Slovene was entered

CELJE – Investigators of the National Investigation Office announced at the beginning of November three people at the District Public Prosecutor's Office in Celje on suspicion of abuse of office or trust in economic activity under Article 240 CC and money laundering under Article 245 CZ Celje. Siol reports that they are oval Mirka Tusa, the owner of the shower chain, his wife Tanja and one of the former Directors of Engrotuş.

Transfer without payment

In the pretreatment procedure, the investigators found in the pretreatment procedure that he was the owner of the entire business share of the Celje company, for himself and his family member, intentionally, and that the owner and his member gained a large amount of income, filed a claim for the trader's right to trade , and the transfer of the trademark was made without the company receiving a proper transfer from the natural person. "The criminal offense was the acquisition of trademarks – a natural person – a large material gain of EUR 19.3 million was obtained, and Celje also damaged that value.

So are the paths hidden?

Subsequently, they sold trademarks to a physical person through Hong Kong, whose masked property owners in Luxembourg, for whom Hong Kong received a business share of the sister company of the listed Luxembourg company. They did this by hiding or trying to hide their source of money laundering and that traces of origin further hide and disable the identification of the holder of this property. With these activities in the sale of trademarks, physical persons have increased the value of revenues to 29 million euros, to the extent that the value of the acquired business share.

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