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Using cloud service is the biggest security risk for businesses – IT, cloud, computer news, and information technology – Using cloud services is the biggest security risk for businesses – Si21

November 29, 2018 – The use of cloud service is in full swing. Recent IDG data indicate that 73% of organizations use at least one application or part of their cloud computing infrastructure. But that's not enough. Data also show that the IT department feels the pressure to migrate 100% in the cloud. It is clear that changes come and that is fast, but not without risk. company
Kaspersky Lab, according to research by more than 250 CISO security officers, found that more than half (58%) of uncontrolled cloud deployment was a major security concern.

By using more cloud platforms within the hybrid cloud infrastructure, companies can deliver their products and services faster, optimize efficiency, and improve the reliability of their services. Despite all the benefits of cloud computing, it also brings additional challenges to online security, especially when the cloud infrastructure is hosted by a third party. The average breach of security arising from the cloud's public incident, the company pays $ 1.64 million
dollars.[1] While the overall IT infrastructure of the cloud organization becomes heterogeneous, IT security leaders are faced with concerns about maintaining data security and protecting corporate finance.

Managing a complex IT environment due to lack of talent becomes a more challenging and additional challenge for corporate web security. The use of hybrid clouds requires professionals who have the necessary knowledge to design and manage the security of all parts of the information technology infrastructure. For IT security leaders, this is a problem for staff. More than one third (38%) claim that it is difficult to hire a cloud expert

IT security managers therefore need one solution that will only bring them a high level of security but also ensure that the network security layer of the company is visible and can be used in cloud infrastructure. Even when they have a limited safety team for this area.

Maxim Frolov, vice president of global sales at Kaspersky Lab, explains: "One can not deny that the cloud with the business benefits that brings a key part of strategic digital transformation for many companies, cloud usage is growing rapidly and will not stop because of corporate security issues. to quickly and effectively establish the security of the security in support of this rapid adoption of the cloud. "

"In order to protect the data and the load in the cloud environment, with the support of the basic security features of the cloud platform, the key," continues Frolov. "Protective layers should therefore include: ability to control application behavior and prohibit any suspicious activity, using the latest knowledge of security threats to prevent the use of software errors in the computer system, and to protect data and loads from the threats found and
automatically eliminate vulnerabilities. The best solutions also enable co-ordination capabilities so that information technology teams can control which workloads are accessed and solved in and out of the company. "

Security solution Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security is based on Kaspersky Lab's extensive knowledge and experience and provides security for companies to protect applications and data in physical, virtual, and workloads in the cloud. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing through the Application Programming Interface (API) and supports the cloudy Microsoft Azure platform. It does so
to safely migrate data and applications in IT environments. It also provides a single management console and security coordination to control information technology security in the company and the cloud. This partially reduces the staff shortage problem.

For more information about the security solution for the hybrid clouds of Kaspersky Lab, visit the Kaspersky Lab website.

[1] Data source is Kaspersky Lab's report "Money: Increasing the IT Security Bill to Protect the Digital Transformation Initiative since 2018

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