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What a team in Stožice! Domžale STANDS 2: 0, EPSKI'S RESPONSIBILITIES Will still be DUGO BOL!

In Stožice, Olimpija and Domžale moved to the Derby of the Ljubljana Cup, and the spectators again testified to delicacies. They had already run 2: 0, but the dragons responded with four goals and won 4: 2. Five points ahead of Maribor. Sunday is the first ever derby.

Olimpija – Domžale 4: 2 (2: 2)
Ljubljana – Stožice Stadium. Judges: Skomina, Gabrovec and Mikača.
2: 2 Suljić (42.), 3: 2 Valenčič (71.) 4: 1 Ibričić (19), 0: 2 Šoštarič Karič (23.), 1: 2 Dobrovoljc (31./avtogol) : 2 Vukusic (85th).
Olimpija: Vidmar, Boakye, Samardzic, Maksimenko, Bagnack, Putincin, Valenčić (from 73. Tomic), Savić (from 89th Kregar), Menalo, Suljić, Kadrić (63rd Vukušić).
Domžale: Sorčan, Dobrovoljac, Klemenčič, Ilic, Šoštarič Karič (65th Sikošeka), Rome, Mujan (68th), Ibričić, Gnezda Čerin, Podlogar (74th Kolobarić), Nicholson.
Yellow card: Suljić; Ilic, Rom.
Red card: /.

In the derby, the audience won Domžale in an exciting and dynamic match after recovering from the backdrop of two goals. So they came to another victory and together with Aluminum they were the only one-time gain. Domžale, who missed the injured Dejan Lazarević, Mattias Kait and Marco Da Silvo, remain in the place and bottom of the ladder.

Domžalčani was better off than another goal when Luka Menalo lost the ball to Senijad Ibričić but the ball was blocked by a small ball near the goal.
Then came Stefan Savić's opportunity, which sent him close to the ball in the sixth minute, and Menala was sent from the corner from the penalty area. In the next moments, Domžalani were better and hit twice.
First in 19 minutes Ibričić, who reached the top of the penalty area and scored 1: 0 and his second goal. In 2: 0, Sven Šoštarič Karić increased his run-in from the home side's far from the right side after a shot down the right.
Olympia followed. First, at 28 minutes, Haris Kadrić scored a goal but in the same minute Savic scored, but the referee was dismissed for a forbidden position (judging by the record). That's why people in Ljubljana fell 31 minutes, Menala turned right to Gaber Volunteer in his own net.
35 minutes later, Shamar Nichloson missed a close proximity, but in 36, Menalo approached the shot and Grega Sorcan appeared. 42 minutes into the match, the home team was awarded a penalty. Header from Tilena Klemenčič's header slightly to headed Sorčán but Asmir Suljić cut through the central defense after a very distracting goal. It was the second hit of the season for him.
Olimpija's Nejc Vidmar made a successful breakthrough on the left after 55 minutes, but Adama Gnezde Čerina a shot up the middle resulted in the goal for Olimpija. 71 minutes into the game, a new delight from Ljubljana's fans when Vitja Valenčič got past the end of the pitch and was sent off with a 18-meter lead by Sorčan.
In 85 minutes the hosts decided to compete for the header of Ante Vukic 4: 2 after Suljić left the left.
In the third round, Ljubljana will visit Maribor next week, while Domžale will only be invited to visit Mur in September.

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