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Will Saturday's emergency service be able to digest all patients in reorganization?

In the Health Center of Ljubljana adult adult emergency services will no longer be performed in the Metelko unit but only in the general emergency medical unit at Bohoričeva Street in UKC Ljubljana.



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UKC Ljubljana fears that organizational change in part of the subsidy service at the health center will lead to (pre) large loads of space and possible exposure to unnecessary risks for patients and employees.

The University Clinical Center (UKC) Ljubljana explained that the decision to abolish one of the two Ljubljana office in Ljubljana was not accepted with them. It is estimated that due to the cancellation of the call time on Metelock's number of visitors, emergency medical aid will increase by 100 or even more, exactly at the time of expected respiratory and infections.

As explained, the Ljubljana Health Center has proposed freezing the call termination at Metelkov. In their opinion, it would be better to wait for seasonal heavy loads. In addition, UKC Ljubljana is also ahead of the short-term start of the third phase of the facility's Diagnostic Therapeutic Service (DTS). surgical part of emergency. Therefore, according to UKC Ljubljana, it would be better to wait for the organizational change to clarify what construction work is doing for regular regular work in the emergency block.

They also come from problems with insomnia

However, in the health center, which provides urgent medical assistance and emergency room at UKC Ljubljana, they represent their decision. They say they do not expect such an increase in the number of sabbatical visitors on an urgent basis as in UKC Ljubljana. On Saturdays, on duty, 100 to 110 visits were recorded at Metelkov, but they do not believe that everyone will come to Bohinj's urgency, especially because of the many officials so far visited.

As explained, they come to work on Saturday for people because of respiratory and other inflammatory diseases, or problems with urination with or without heat, transit, but also due to insomnia and neurosis problems, because they want to get a different opinion of their problems in order to get prescription drugs since their regular therapy, due to concerns about minor health problems before time and rest. Only a small percentage of these visits actually falls into the service of the ministry.

They estimate that the Bihoric Emergency Medical Service will be on Saturdays or at least a few more patients, or more on Sundays and Holidays, when Bohoric is the only one who works. They have ensured that the number of doctors and nurses, ie Duty Teams, will also increase on Saturdays. strengthen.

As explained in the Ljubljana Health Center, there has been more pressure on an emergency medical service. a service that can be attributed to the prolongation of health waiting, as people want to have access to the healthcare system faster and to solve their health problems faster. Therefore, in a health center in Ljubljana, as well as in many health facilities in the country for some time, it is charged for indirect visits to the service, urgency.

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