Friday , January 22 2021

World Diabetes Day – Events and news from the world and abroad – World Diabetes Day – Si21

Modern diabetics and preventive cardiology are in the world and give us a hand because new findings leave no doubt: diabetes is the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Therefore, different medical professions have to go together to combat the death of a diabetic whose life usually ends too quickly due to a heart attack or stroke. The ultimate vulnerability of diabetics with cardiovascular disease, warns us this year's Beady campaign
"In diabetes it is also thinking about the heart".

People with diabetes often relate only to the level of blood sugar while other important factors (obesity, high blood pressure, high fat) remain in the background. Also, with preventive action, it is necessary to limit type 2 diabetes mellitus and be timely detected, which will also make a major step towards limiting cardiovascular disease. It is estimated that around 200,000 people with diabetes are in Slovenia, and unfortunately, diabetes is still too late
sincerely and cure. We have an effective online test since 2016 to help you diagnose people with diabetes.

Campaign to be great!
In response to the European and global epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes, campaigning from 2012 and every year the public warns of the dangers and complications of diabetes this year with a focus on the warning of cardiovascular disease. The message of PRI DIABETES PRINCIPLE ON THE HEART was first presented to the public at the beginning of the year and then in the summer months on large city posters. At the beginning of October, there was a free publication about free diabetes,
150,000 copies cover every corner of Slovenia, and at the beginning of November, footballers dressed up with this year's championship match between the Olympics and Domžale.

Such action is something new in our area. From November on the streets of Ljubljana, LPP buses run with a creative campaign, and the campaign is also visible on television. At the World Health Day, in the center of Ljubljana, the info point for diabetes will be located on Prešeren Square, and the same day the new website for will be presented to the public for the first time.
collected content associated with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases with an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle.

Diabetes INFO point on the Prešeren Square
On the World Health Day, November 14th, all visitors will be free to measure blood sugar and cholesterol and get a copy of the diabetes newsletter containing the latest diabetes content in the past year.

The Ministry of Health supports the Campania Bodi Excellence, which was designed and run by the Department of Diabetes.

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