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A brain scientist warns of radiation – children are hurt by a cell phone

Now is the time for everything: take your cell phone! And this is valid for all – regardless of age. professor Olle Johansson now warns that radiation is normalized.

For several decades, Johansson has warned of the effects that can accompany our frequent mobile use of time.

Johansson, an associate professor at the Karolinska Institute, has a special area: The Brain.

It is important to examine

Over the years, Johansson's cellular radiation warnings have been questioned, something he thinks is important – to be questioned.

– It is extremely important that all the scientific results are discussed and questioned, but my colleagues and I have many, many times passed a very difficult scientific control based on peers in scientific journals. This is not always the case with our prisoners, says Johansson Aftonbladet.

But, according to Olle Johansson, not only the amount of radiation is increased. She has also become more and more biological and medical extraterrestrials.

Artificial electromagnetic fields, as in this case, come not only from mobile phones. We talk about baby alarms, reading tablet, laptops, WiFi routers, and several other wireless systems. But also household appliances, cars and power lines.

Future generations are endangered

According to Professor Johansson, the radiation of all his devices can change long-term and damage our living cells and organisms.

"We can seriously jeopardize our present and future generations. The failure to do so today can be catastrophic tomorrow, says Olle Johansson at Aftonbladet.

He comes out with a parent's warning

However, Johansson is a serious warning to all who are parents.

– They put their children exposed to the fact that WHO cancer is classified into the same category (2B) as well as many very dangerous substances, such as DDT, lead, formaldehyde, gasoline and exhaust gases, says Johansson and concludes:

– What happens when we, no matter where we are, allow our children to use it as guinea pigs?

Nyheter24 has earlier reported that several hundred researchers have warned of the modern wireless headsets of AirPods. Reason? Headsets can emit dangerous beams directly in the head. According to researchers, radiation is so dangerous that it can pose a risk for cancer. Here you can read more about it.

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