Friday , July 19 2019
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A new race in the crisis of Deutsche Bank

The police continued on Friday search Deutsche BankIn Frankfurt, among other things, eight office members of the board were looking for evidence to reinforce suspicion of large-scale money laundering.

According to a prosecutor's statement, the attack on Thursday and Friday is directed against two major suspects, private banking employees, and one in their own department for combating money laundering and other financial crimes.

Razz's bravery The head office reduced the share of Deutsche Bank to new historical levels of the bottom. The share dropped by 2.8 percent on Friday, and the fall in the last two days was more than 6 percent. The share now amounts to 8.07 euros, the lowest price of almost 30 years.

Until now this year, the rate is more than halved, the headache for the company fund Didner and Gerge which is the largest Swedish owner according to Bloomberg's ownership data. Fund managers hold 6.1 million shares in the crisis bank, and more than all other Swedish managers hold together.

Of 46 analysts Following the bank recommends only two purchases, 26 are neutral, and 18 analysts believe it is a way of selling.

As previously reported by Di, bank employees began to fear that they will not have bonuses for 2018. Deutsche Bank has designed a bonus program for key personnel not to leave, a program where stock prices play an important role.

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