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Adelina transformation after divorce

Singer Adele, 31, does not mourn after a break with his wife Simone Konecki. Instead of letting the separation result in one of their classic heartburn ballads, she told her friends she felt better than ever, says The Sun.

From the decay, Adele was full. Together with her athlete actress Aydom Field, 40, the singer has paid great attention to Pilates, with exercises that improve posture, flexibility and balance.

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Friendly Joy of Joy: "It Releases"

In addition, the lyrics of star rapper Nicki Minaj in song "Monster" appeared in Los Angeles at the beginning of June, and a few months ago she was seen together with actress Jennifer Lawrence at the club in New York, writes The Sun.

"Adele has been having fun, and now she sees it as her priority, and that's Mother Angela. She loved her new routine of training and that really helps her," says the Sun's source, and then goes on:

"It's a bonus that has lost weight. Her friends are happy to be released and there is nothing but good feelings.

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Adele and her husband are separated – after eight years

Given this, waiting for the next gray album seems to be long, writes The Sun.

Adele and Simon Konecki were eight or eight years before they confirmed in April that they went away separately. They have son Angela together, who they say they should be together with love.

Adele and her partner split apart. Together they will raise their son in love. As always, they seek to retain their privacy for themselves. There will be no more comments, "the singer's representative wrote in a statement to the Guardian.

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