Friday , July 19 2019
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Apple Music is integrated with Amazon's Echo speakers

The one who runs Apple Music and looks for a way to integrate the service into the AI ​​speakers has so far come to the conclusion that a few thousand forks are backed up by Apple's Homepoda. This also applies to Apple Assistant Assistant Siri. In other words, two factors that deter the rights of many consumers and perhaps even attract them to other streaming services. And maybe that's why Apple unexpectedly now offers Apple Music as an integrated service for Amazon Echo Speakers.

It is developing within six months

From December 17, time has come. Then Echo users will be able to ask Alex to play music from the entire Apple Music catalog with about 50 million songs. Apple's Eddy Cue Director says in the US Today, developer of the company has been working with Echo's speaker integration in six months. This is undoubtedly a surprise move from Apple, as you also sell your own home hardware. But Apple Music will obviously ease competition with competing services such as Swedish Spotify, if you make sure that users are doing it to a greater extent. Spotify is available in the Premium version, pre-integrated with Amazone Echoom. HomePod officially did not sell Apple in Sweden, but it is available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, and some time in Mexico and Spain. Some Swedish distributors also offer speakers via import.

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