Friday , August 6 2021

Bergstrand leaves Kalmar – resigned

Kalmar called for a press conference.
According to Expressen, who was the first with news, will be announced that Nanne Bergstrand leaves the club.
Something that confirms information on the football channel.

Kalmar coach Nanne Bergstrand became a sick doctor this summer because of depression of fatigue. In mid-September, however, he returned to 25 percent of the service, but not as a coach, but as a scout. Instead, Henrik Rydström sought the main training mission.

"We expect that Jens (Nilsson), Henrik (Rydström) and Festim (Pasho) will lead the team by the end of the season, but I do not believe anything but Nanne will have the time to do it. manager of clubs Mattias Rosenlund on the soccer channel earlier this year.

On Tuesday night, Kalmar FF called for a press conference because of the future Bergstrand's future at the club – according to information Expressen, which was the first news, Bergstrand left KFF. Bergstrand, as reported, resigned. Something that confirms information on the football channel.

Nanne Bergstrand trained Kalmar in three different matches, and in 2008 led the SM gold team. He had the main responsibility for Helsingborg and Hammarby.

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