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Blixthalka in Enköping – school records are posted news

Parents in Enköping are invited to Friday morning to push their children to school. The reason for this is that the cold night-night causes skating on the roads across the Uppsala municipality.

"In the morning hours there was a special time with strong winds and free flow. The sand passed through the rain, and then a new rain appeared and freezes," says Simon Sandberg of SVT Uppsala.

Parents are informed

Information on suspended school passes was sent to parents via the Municipality's SMS. It is still uncertain how long the roadmap estimation will be uncertain and Simon Sandberg can not say whether school children will take children out of school this afternoon.

"What is happening now is that we have a close relationship with the road haulier and those in the municipality who coordinate school transportation, and then we will see how it develops throughout the day." As soon as we have made an assessment, we will contact the school slider school, "says Simon Sandberg.

Grillby, Skolsta, Örsundsbro, Fjerdhundra, Hummelsta and Lillkyrka buses departed as usually during the morning.

"In the winter months"

With winter arrival, we can have months of snow and blow in front of us. However, Simon Sandberg thought parents should not be concerned that school children would be set up.

"We are in the winter half now and then it can be slippery and windy. We'd rather put students at risk of something, but you should not expect to drive.

The municipal SMS service provides information from the bus company to the parents. Berkvara bus now wants to invite parents who are not yet in the phone book to enter the municipal website themselves to sign up for the SMS service.

– For a few days and in some situations, we may have to set up a recording. Then it's good if we get information quickly to parents, "says Simon Sandberg.

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