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Blood donor sex does not affect the survival ability

She gets every year About 100,000 patients in Sweden have a blood transfusion, of which about 3,500 in Södersjukhuset. The blood distribution needs to go fast and properly.

Previously, there are several minor studies that indicate that the gender of the blood donor and last pregnancy affect the survival of a patient who receives blood. In these studies, it was noted that young men who received blood from pregnant women who had previously been pregnant had higher mortality after blood transfusion than other patients. But there is absolutely no biological explanation for what could have affected this negative effect. The studies therefore did not lead to change in practice, but they caused great concern.

Now is Gustaf EdgrenResearchers and ST doctors in Söderskyhuset, along with colleagues from Denmark and the US, have shown that sex-donor blood and previous pregnancy do not affect the survival of transfusion patients. The study published in the JAMA scientific journal provides important care information: existing blood distribution systems do not have to be changed.

In its study, data from over one million patients from different countries were analyzed. They have used several different approaches and the picture is clear.

– This means that the health system still does not have to take into account the gender of blood donors when distributing blood units. This has great logistical and administrative advantages as it would have to hold larger layers of blood in order to align the right blood with the right patient, Gustaf Edgren.

Photo: Johan Wingborg / Swedish young academy

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