Monday , January 25 2021

Brexit is threatened by removing imports from the UK

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Now the British will put garbage on high, unless export exports are resolved. Stock photos.

British rubbish warms Swedish homes – but nobody knows how it comes to importing garbage after brexitis.

About half of the 1.3 million tonnes of garbage imported as fuel for Swedish CHP come from the UK. In addition, the British export even larger quantities, among others, the Netherlands and Germany. But how does it affect brexit, nobody knows yet.

– No, nobody knows. We and the others looked at this, but we have no answers, "said Weine Wiqvist, Sweden's Executive Director.

Niklas Amour, CEO of Bertling Enviro, an international waste-to-fuction company, can not say how it will be. Although only a few months remain for British exit from the EU.

"We have to try to think in different scenarios, but that is very difficult. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which authorizes imports, does not know either, he says.

The Swedes do not have to freeze

One, however, is safe. We Swedes do not learn to freeze, even if stolen British rubbish. There are many other countries that want to sell garbage to our Swedish CHP, he assures.

"There are alternatives, several countries on the continent can sell our waste," says Niklas Amour.

They agree that junk will be the worst for the British myself. There is not enough waste incineration capacity in Britain. Therefore, there are huge quantities of garbage that are now being exported to catch the British landfills.

"The English people have said there must be rules for brexes that allow exports to continue because they do not have enough of their own facilities," says Weine Wiqvist.

Totally different rules

They both hope that solutions will be available so that British garbage can be burned in the heat plants of other countries in the future.

"But if there is a heavy brexit, the store will follow completely different rules," says Weine Wiqvist.

As this happens with long delivery agreements that have already begun, today no one can say. But Niklas Amour believes that the solution will come. Maybe you can skip to Norway.

"From there we buy about half of the garbage in Sweden and not in the EU, there is a regulatory framework that allows us to trade duty-free, but it could be waste from the UK," said Niklas Amour.

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