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Cancer Fund Proposal: Aftonbladet tax relief

Obesity can lead to smoking as a cause of cancer

fromGustaf Larsson

Increased obesity risks eventually become overhead smoking as the most common cause of cancer. The new report warns the Cancer Foundation. Now they want to see a special tax on drinks that are sweetened by sugar.

Photo: Erik Johansen / TT and Malin Norlén

The Cancer Foundation wants to see new taxes on sugar drinks.

Over 2,000 cancer cases per year in Sweden are associated with obesity and obesity, and the number of cases is increasing.

Foundation for the Fight against Cancer Fear, whose new Study on Prevention shows that additional 11,000 people will be affected by this cancer over the next 25 years if the weight-up trend continues.

"We knew for a long time that life habits in Sweden were worse and uneven. In some age groups, obesity has doubled since the 1980s. Several factors suggest that obesity in the future may be overwhelmed by smoking as the biggest risk factor for cancer, says Ulrika Årehed Kågström, Secretary General of the Cancer Foundation in the statement.

Want to see taxes on juices

To prevent continued weight gain, the Cancer Fund now proposes a number of changes. One of them is the introduction of sugar tax.

"Of course, we are ultimately the people who choose themselves to live our lives. However, politics have an important task to support and create conditions for everyone to live healthy, says Ulrika Årehed Kågström.

In the report of the Fund for Combating Cancer, among other things, it can be read that the tax on sugar-rich beverages with subsidies on vegetables and fruits is an effective way of influencing public health.

– Reduction of smoking as much as it has been in recent decades in Sweden has never been possible without strong and long-term policy measures. We have to repeat this, says Ulrika Årehed Kågström.

The cancer fund proposal

  • Taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages should be introduced.

  • Children's food marketing legislation should be tightened and adapted to the new media landscape.

  • Informative efforts should be made to increase public awareness of cancer related and unhealthy eating and physical activity.

  • For at least 60 minutes of daily activity, including sports and health classes, during the school day.

  • This social planning should promote increased physical activity for all people through life.

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