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Carin Hjulström criticizes SVT Aftonbladet

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Carin Hjulström.


Journalist and author Carin Hjulström are now joining the previous SVT profiles that criticize the channel.

In a chronicle in Göteborgs-Posten, she says she has had a former employer with a breakthrough treatment and throwing mentality.

Hjulström got his first assignment for SVT in the 1980s and ran several programs, including Melodifestivalen.

"But there was never talk of employment, I was thinking and hoping to get a bid if I'm good enough." Claims are not on the map, then I'll be classified as uncomfortable, "she writes.

After 22 years in the box, the contract for her talk show "Carin 21.30" came out in 2008. Then SVT suddenly stopped listening, says Hjulström.

"Being one of the most productive SVT hosts in Gothenburg, who always delivered what I was hired, was like I was not there," she says.

Earlier the hosts had Lina Thomsgård and Daniel Sjölin both told us that they have to choose between their jobs at SVT and be on parental leave.

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