Friday , April 23 2021

Castle hopes to mitigate Christmas stress: "For us together" – News at Kalmar – 24 hours a day

At 11.00 on Thursday withdraws the 27th edition Christmas Fair Kalmar Castle started. It will then last throughout the weekend with different hours of work and attracts more than 12,000 visitors per year.

"27 years is a long time to work in the tradition, but if you think about Christmas, it's still traditions. On the other hand, it's fun to keep the fair and we're very happy that people are still coming here," says the castle manager Mimmi Mannheimer.

Is the fair feeling like a must visit Kalmarborne?

"Yes, I mean a bit, because we noticed the social media that people are very much interested. And now, as the first show, I think many people are passionate about visiting the fair to get the first Christmas atmosphere now that Christmas begins.

About 100 Swedish leading craftsmen will be in the castle to sell their works. But at the fair, there are also things like homemade cheese, cheese cakes, own smoked sausages and prosciutto Swedish fair of castles work.

And the reason for that that so many flocks in the area around Christmas, thought Mimmi Mannheimer has and works with the castle itself.

"The castle really does look for its beautiful halls and walls that are illuminated, but since it is decorated, the smell and smell nice in the windows with the arrival of candles does not mean that you get less Christmas atmosphere.One such beautiful, symbolic and safe Kalmar Castle shows the tradition we want keep.

Do not you ever feel that tradition will disappear from the castle?

"I do not think so because it is persistent with people who like to come to society, and that's just the way you want it to be a Christmas tradition for us. For us as a destination, it's important that we can make it easier for people not to to fill all the Christmas atmosphere, stress is enough because it is about Christmas.

Can you raise the highlight during the fair?

"First of all, it's a bit unthinkable that Christmas is coming soon, and since it's the first weekend this weekend, it's really possible to get the first Christmas feeling as the highlight of the show," concludes Mimmi Mannheimer.

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