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Cecilia Lazar, the "Let's Dance" jury, has spent 60 years.

"Let's dance" is a small bus with my work in dance studio. Over the years, I've found my role in the jury and I can laugh if the frog comes out, but in the beginning I felt pressure because I was the person who wanted to do the job well. I want to deliver. Whatever I do, I want to do it all seriously, she says.

With such high performance demands, it is fortunate that it is good to catch it between the yards.

"When I work, I do, but when I'm on vacation, I'm so lazy that I could take a car up the stairs … I'm well leaning and caring about myself by lying on the couch one day a month and just being. That's my recovery.

During 41 years As a dance teacher at the family company Lazar Dansstudio, an institution in Gothenburg founded by her father in 1953, she trained 32 pairs who became Swedish dance masters. Her professional secret can be summed up in one word: patience.

– How well you dance is not important, you can never become a good dance teacher without patience. Another important feature is knowledge and experience. Every day I have to learn something new. The day I do not work, I'll stop, but I'm not there yet.

I relax well and take care of myself by lying on the couch one day in the month and be. That's my recovery.

Despite a successful career with international career and television participation, life was not always a dance for Cecilia Lazar. Three years ago she suffered from hip joint pains and had to take painkillers to relieve her.

– But that did not stop me at dance classes. I accepted that pain was part of my life and I drove away. It was hard. I was wondering, and I could not do the moves I wanted, but I did not want to give up. I'm a fighter.

Now both hip joints work. Great luck for her.

– I'm sick and I feel born again.

The ability to fight and never give up, she always had, maybe a little too, she says.

"As a young man I was more confident, but with years I became more modest and learned to invoke. The change came when I was 25 and met my wife. I'm temperamental and he is calm – we really replenish.

Her first dance step took her 4 to 5 years. She was waiting for a friend who went to dance and could not help but was drawn to the lesson.

– I started doing something for music. I love music!

In spite of the dance education, in England, among other things, he was thinking about studying rights to become a defender.

"It has to do with the fact that I like to find out how things are.

But then it did not. After high school he jumped into the dagger of the dance school and got such an irresistible answer that he lowered his legal plans and began to dance. 41 years have passed.

– I did not sorry for a moment. Regardless of whether I have a pain or I'm sad, all this will disappear negatively when I enter the studio. Dance is for me a form of rehabilitation. I can not live without dancing, dance is my way of expression. I like being there for my students – I'm a "dancing mom".

The future plan of Cecilia Lazar is very good.

– Now I want to enjoy life, travel and eat well. Cooking is my great hobby, I stand for hours and I cook. Food is important. If you eat good food, you feel good.

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